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I'm ALIVE.....but only BARELY!!!

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Nice pun on "ell". Check the one I just posted.


No Ellen that stomping will be all yours. You have your very own agenda regarding this dummy and I don't even want to be around when Ell breaks loose.


My thanks for the chuckle, klocowolf! Catch that nasty rascal for me and stomp him to smithereens!


Ellen, It seems you have seriously either angered the gods, completely run out of luck or your troubles jar opened by a evil demon. So I'am wishing you well, sending good vibes, and trying to find the evil demon who stole your good luck. Please be safe and very careful until he can be caged.


LOL, GIG. Maybe so....

And, Ellen, I'm SURE that senior lady who gave you that dirty look will NOT be doing that when she sees the fancy "collar" you're wearing now!!! She'll probably be carrying packages and opening doors for you now!!! ; ))

Geez, Ellen.....ya THINK ya had too much stuff hanging off that mirror-thingy??? ; ))))
Just to let you know, my grandson used to load up his keychain with his car keys, etc. on it. His ignition cylinder finally loosened up and came out with the key one night when he returned home from work!!! Paid one repair place to fix it - they did (NOT). A month later, same thing again!!! Finally got it fixed permanently, I hope.....but it cost me several hundred dollars to do it plus a whole new ignition component! (His keychain is lighter's my wallet!!!) : ((


Thanks for the lesson, Bob.

I forgot to hang it once at the Post Office and got a royally dirty look from a Senior lady. Good on her, but it spooked me badly!


Another good reason not to leave the placard hanging while you drive is that it "advertises" your condition and "bad guys" are more likely to target you as a victim while you are out of the vehicle.


Joe, it's illegal to hang anything from the mirror here in California. But it's also illegal to put that smoke-colored film (window tint) on any front windows in your car and just about every car out here has it on the drivers and passengers front seat windows. But the police have bigger problems to deal with so they seldomly (another Bob word) enforce that law.

Here's a crazy stat. Did you know that according to the TV show "Live PD", someone is arrested in the US on an average of every 2 1/2 seconds? That's 24 people a minute, 1,440 an hour or 33,760 a day? They say that is the true number. It's no wonder the jails are so over-crowded.


Here in Ohio it's illegal to leave your handicap placard hanging as it obstructs a lot of your view. I only hang mine when I park.


Ellen, Here's why it's not a good idea to hang anything from your rear-view mirror.

The question of visibility...

The first and most obvious reason it’s dangerous to hang things from the rear-view mirror is that it reduces visibility for the driver. Even something as small as a car freshener blocks some portion of the view out of your windshield. This makes it much more likely that you’ll be involved in an accident simply because you didn’t see the other driver.

If an accident does occur and the investigating officer determines that you should have seen the other person but couldn’t because of the items hanging from your rear-view mirror, it will be ruled your fault. Additionally, it may actually be illegal to hang anything from the rear-view mirror depending on your state.

The problem of weight...

Another reason that it’s not a good idea to hang things on your rear-view mirror is that every ounce of weight you add puts additional strain on the mirror’s mount. Your mirror is glued to the windshield and while that glue is strong and designed to last the life of a vehicle, it’s only designed to support the weight of the mirror and housing. If you add additional weight, the strain could eventually cause the glue to fail and your mirror will fall off.

But, although the additional weight may have caused the glue to fail, most likely you weren't the culprit at all. The weather did it. As the weather goes from hot in the day to cold at night the glass expands and contracts. The epoxy just keeps getting more crystallized and sometimes just quits sticking. It becomes almost fossil-like. And another drop is what the doctor orders to fix it. And it's not all that uncommon, especially in larger vehicles with darker interiors. It happens and is no reflection whatsoever on the sweet, wonderful, dog-loving, injured person that drives it!


Well good on them, Irene! I like your "lippy". Hadn't heard that before. I don't do much primping in my van......just grab a dog brush if my hair needs to be tamed, so I don't move the mirror ever. I think it just gave up carrying all the stuff I had on it. Forgot to mention 5 or 6 clothes pins (very handy for holding small things that I need to access) and a couple of jewelry pins for dog show outfits. Too much junk on there??


My interior mirror fell off because I moved it everytime I wanted to apply my lippy, (how vain am I) the garage fixed it back on, no charge. ♥


1jigfan, thanks for the visit and comment. Yes, the loss of freedom stinks. I love to drive and it's NOTeasy to do with this HARD neck brace! It's difficult to compare the neck break to the back surgery as both are awful but different.

Keep those butterflies coming, Dusty. Please.

Yes, YO. I'm in the Central Time Zone, like you.

Thanks, Dan.

Send the BIG winds, GIG.

Thankfully, Irene, the 2 warning lights on the van's dash board went out after I read the manual which said to turn the van off, then back on again. Apparently it cleared the van's fuzzy little mind. Now I just need to use Bob's suggestion of how to get the center rearview mirror put back where it belongs. Maybe I had too much crud hanging from it? Dog leashes, handicapped hang tag, electrical cords, a couple of dog show ribbons, my sunglasses, and on and on....

Jyl, you are a solid gold sweetheart!

Irene, you are SO dear to me!


It never rains, but it pours Ellen.......My goodness girl, you could certainly do with a pot of good luck! Think positively Ellen, when that collar comes off you are so going pick up that pot and start enjoying life, but get that car sorted first! Take care my friend. ♥

Geez, Ellen.....hope the wind blows that black cloud hanging over your head AWAY!!!!! Sometimes things just happen in a batch, and then the next clear spot comes along and you get a breather. Hope yours comes soon. You can add me to your prayer group, too! Hang in there, kiddo. ; ))


I'll go with, you're still upright and breathing, that's a good thing. Hoping all goes well for you.
Regards, Dan


Figured she was in the central time zone as I am.


My heart bleeds for you, Ellen. If I were able to fly down to help you I would. Alas, alas there's no way I could do it. Hang in there, gal. With all the prayers and healing thoughts heading your way from so many different sources on Jigidi, you HAVE to get better, good friend.

YO, Ellen lives far enough to the east she should be fast asleep (if such a thing is possible in her condition) by this time of night.


Don't think PD said it was a hard collar. Is it hard or soft, PD?


Oh, Cmon! Now a hard cervical the summertime??!! I'm going to start giving the butterflies payers to carry up to heaven for you!


Very sorry for your loss of freedom, now temporarily for only a short time in a neck brace. So perhaps you’re saying this is the most difficult time in your life (worse than your back surgery)? Thank goodness you have no neuro deficits from the C2 fx.




I keep trying, K. Life just doesn't think I should have things go right.

Thanks, Bob. I like what you said....


Hang in there, my friend!!


Glad to help! I'd say that you both are overdo for something to go right!


Thank you, Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ellen, Any windshield place or most body shops will put a dab of glue on your mirror. First unscrew the part that attaches to the window if it's that type of mirror and they will most likely push it on for you. Then, give it a bit and put the mirror back together with the screw and you'll be fine. Otherwise, they just press it on and sometimes they put a piece of heavy duty tape like duct tape on to hold it in place while the epoxy dries. And a drop of window epoxy costs pennies so they should do it for free.


Nice idea, redina, but we don't have a recliner. I'm guessing that sitting upright, with pillows in all sore places, will be my best bet. Thanks, though.

Ellen, that was UNBELIEVABLE!! I'd report that to the American Medical Society! (AMS)


You might try sleeping in a recliner with appropriate pillows. It would be easier than getting in and out of bed and might support your head better. Hope you can find something that works so you can get some much need sleep. Take care.

They have open MRI's where the noise isn't as bad as the closed one.


When it came time to go over the results, I did ask the doctor why it made those noises. He looked at me first like I had an extra head on my shoulders, but then asked if I had been tempted to stop on the way home to buy a Dr. Pepper. I said no, he said he'd have to find another sponsor if the advertising wasn't working.


yo, holding still while lying on my back is nearly impossible, with four seriously deteriorated discs in my back. I can't stand straight against a wall without excruciating pain.


True, YO. Just discomfort from having to lie still.

My MRI's just sound like you've fallen into a garbage disposal, Ellen.


Just had an MRI a week or so ago and they are easy and painless. Just hold still.


Maybe those were the nurses, lefty.


At least you're spared the fun of an MRI. I had one last year to figure out why my neck and shoulder were causing trouble, and the whole time I was in there, it kept on saying "Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper, butt butt butt butt butt butt".


Industrial type, I assume, PD.


Care to send glue, too, Iris?


Sending you a huge prayer and a hug and a smile to hang on to.☺♥☺


Thank you all. I just got the call saying that the angiogram shows a minor abnormality, but they don't think I'll have to have surgery. HOWEVER, if the follow up angio and scan in a couple weeks doesn't show improvement, I may have to go on heavy duty blood thinners and be at risk for a stroke or death. In the mean time, I have to wear the cervical collar ALL the time unless bathing. (Oh, God! HOW am I going to sleep?) Driving is a nightmare, as I change lanes and merge by checking my mirrors, then looking over my shoulder before moving over. Can't be done with that blasted collar, as I already found out. Oh, yeah, and my van threw me TWO warning lights about serious problems on the way to the hospital the first time today, then when we left the first time, discovered that my center rear view mirror fell off, so I'm down to just the 2 side mirrors. I've had that happen before, but Crazy Glue does NOT work!

May I quit NOW???


Good Lord, Ellen. I'm glad you saw the Dr.. Imagine if you hadn't! okieclem says it best. Careful hugs. Julie.


Geez, PD. Enough already. Are you going for the record of most problems in the shortest time? All kidding aside - I am wishing a speedy recovery for you. Take care.


{{{ Ellen }}}

Sigh. Well, at least they caught this and I'm sure the angiogram is to check on any possible blockages re: the headaches. Hopefully by the time you read this you've come away with a clean bill of health in *that* category and are more or less comfortable with the neck brace.

Lots of good vibes & healing thoughts coming to you from Oklahoma, my dear.


OMG Ellen! You just can't catch a break (no pun intended, seriously!)!! So very sorry you're going through all that you are, and now have to wear a brace too? Here's hoping and praying it will heal on its own, rather than put you through another surgery! Prayers and hugs Ellen!!

I'm so sorry to hear about the C2 fracture but so glad you had a follow up appointment with your neurosurgeon or you wouldn't have known about it. Sending you healing energy for a speedy recovery.


I am so sorry to hear that. I am sure it will heal. A friend of mine also walked around with a collar. It was a hard collar and after 6 weeks he needed a soft collar. Had lots of X-rays, took a while to heal, but now he is ok and back at work.


Now I feel like I put some kind of curse on you. This is what happened to my son! He had to wear one of those "halo" things for about 6 weeks but things did heal and now he is fine. I am so sorry for you that this happened, but you are getting the treatment you need. Someone needs to poke your guardian angel and wake her up. :-)


I hate this is happening to you, but I love the image copyright credit for this 'stolen' puzzle. You have managed to keep that wonderful sense of humor in spite of all the horrible things going on in your life. Just know that the Lord is hearing your name spoken by a lot of voices, and they will continue until you get past all this. :{


Ellen, I wish you a speedy and easy recovery.


Wow, that really stinks. Thoughts and prayers continue.☺☺


Oh no!! Boy, it just never stops! Please be okay. I am so, so sorry to hear it, PD! Wish there was something, some way to help.


Hospital just called. I have to pick up the brace on the way, then cool my heels untill 3:15 when they
ll do an angiogram.. WHY ME?????????????


Oh, NO, Ellen. You just can't win. But I m glad you went to see a doctor. Let's all pray that it heals without surgery.


Sorry to hear that, PD. Prayers for sure. If it'll make you feel better, my doctor says the only reason he has me in his office is to see if I'm still alive.


Well, folks, crank up the prayers some more. I saw the neurosurgeon for a post-op check today and asked about the nasty lump on my skull, killer headaches and stiff neck from the fall this past Sunday. He sent me down for a CT scan and Xrays. Gress what? I fractured the C2 vertebra. He wants me to wear a collar for 6 to 8 weeks to see if it will heal without surgery.

I swear that I just want to GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!