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DO NOT with your dogs

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle?

Very good advice ;o)
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It's been several months since we last saw you . . . I do hope everything is okay and your absence is by choice . . . missing you . . . ;-)


Thank you AVYANN. It is very nice to meet you!
I was also enjoying nold's puzzles. candilover has been leaving nasty comments on so many puzzles. She must live a very sad and lonely life. With an attitude like that, I doubt there are many friends in her life. I have reported her to jigidi many times, including when she was leaving comments on nold's puzzles. I'm hoping jigidi does something soon. They have suspended several others for what I consider less rude comments than candilover has been leaving. We can only hope!! Donna

Hi myladydanes...... I have come on here firstly because of this picture/puzzle which I think is quite correct & totally common sense! I am a dog lover and this sort of thing is cruel!!

Secondly re: canidlover!!!!!!!!!! I don't know why, whoever they are, have annoyed you so much, but, I do know whoever they are they seem intent in spoiling such a good thing for everyone. They caused so much trouble for another one of our users, (nold) - & succeeded in getting many of her, quite innocent picture/puzzles, removed. This of course spoiled it for many, many more of us! They were reported by many of us, Jigidi are very much aware of them, and my biggest hope is that they are banned from the site sooner rather than later!!

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