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This is why we can't let our pets out to play in the snow here..

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We are having the same coywolf problem here in West Virginia. Although ours seem to be mating with the Pennsylvania Red Wolf rather than the gray wolf. It seems to be a bigger(than a normal coyote) and more agressive animal with the boldness of the coyote in regard to living around people. We are also having a resurgence of mountain lions and black bears.


Hi Ulangiver...animals such as coyotes and mountain lions, (cougars) and black bears and gray wolves are all native to Illinois... but when I was a child here...none of these animals any longer were here....And when I moved back to Illinois I was shocked to find out that coyotes were living on our farm... and although, a horse was attacked by a cougar not too far from we now have those cats back here...and up near Chicago....gray wolves have moved down into Illinois from Wisconsin ...and are breeding with the coyotes... which is a new link in the evolutionary chain now...there are called coywolves...and certain sightings of black bear in the northern part of state also coming down from the Wisconsin... so they are all coming back!! Unbelievable...


And you've got your Winter cap on, I see. Nice av, JanetJane.


I've heard of this fellow, and saw one in Iowa many years ago.


That is why I titled this what I did, Darcy... "This is why we don't let our pets out to play in the snow here" We are keeping our pets safe.

I would not either, a coyote will eat your cats and dogs without a second thought. keep them in keep them safe.