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Guinness my inheritance from Dad (no dusting)

80 pieces
61 solves
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Oh, I forgot, I will definitely be back to solve some of your beautiful puzzles when things begin to settle down around here :-)


Just had to stop by and leave you a personal Thanks for your support, caring and ideas concering the saga of Bella and her brother!!!! Thank you sooooo much for caring!!! May Pet Lovers Unite in this new year and may many pets needs be met. Tis truly a joy and a blessing to have them in our lives!!! Sorry to hear about the loss of your dad too. I lost my dad this past April too. God bless!!! Kathy


Yes he has! She is my shadow and so sweet. She loves air conditioning, central heat, playing fetch, walks and cuddling.


Your Dad has given you the greatest gift...take care of him and he will take care of you...enjoy