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Pomegranate blossom

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152 solves
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Well, lelabug, that particular blossom will never eventuate in fruit.


What a beautiful p********** flower!................Did you destroy the fruit?......


Whatever wars or not - Varda, it is a most lovely flower!! Thanks so very much, have never seen one before!!


Tsk. . . .


I don't know if a lot of folks know the "pomegranate wars" background. My humble (mostly bystander) point of view was that - so often - the comment streams get taken over by random sidetracks or topics completely unrelated to the puzzle photo. Sometimes it is for a Kaffeeklatsch, like on some of our friends' puzzles where the photo is just an invitation for a chat among friends who know each other; sometimes it turns into a political debate, like on other puzzles where the photo is just an invitation to conflict one way or the other; and back a couple of months ago, for whatever reason, it kept turning to the topic of pomegranates on the Lelabugosi pages. So, the word "Pomegranates" became shorthand for "Enough, already! Change the topic of the conversation or at least post comments that have something to do with the puzzle photo in some way." (Yes, that's a lot for one word to signify, but that's how it was "originally" used.) The next logical step was to ban the word. Then the "forbidden" word started making appearances in anagrams or acronyms or other wordplay.

So, when you said the "forbidden" word in your title / photo, I naturally giggled. No offense! It's a lovely flower and an amazing fruit.

Plus, I have regularly used the word
to express my humble opinion that the conversation has gotten into overly strange territories
and someone I know uses the word


Am I missing something here, David? Or are we off to the pomegranate wars again?


tee hee


Very pretty. Thanks.