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Colouring squares :)) II

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I would love to see a day that lasts for 24 hours Hanne and also a the long winternights. Everything is fun if it isn't always so, you also would love to spend some time here and it would be wonderful for you to wake up to sunshine every morning, but I suppose that after some time everything gets boring. :))


Sorry to get here so late, Jan, but yesterday loads of things managed to keep me busy outside of here. Why are weekends sometimes even worse than weekdays ??? :))
Your comments are always so refreshing and they put a big smile on my face when I start my morning. All these colouring squares are really a memory form childhood. Did you never colour the squares of your maths exercise book when lessons were too boring? I coloured loads of squares in my time as not only maths lessons were boring. LOL


But you are SO right!! When we reach the time of these short days we quite forget those loooooong bright ones we had in the spring and summer and which we enjoyed so very much - especially in Sweden where it was bright all the 24 hours of the day! Thanks for reminding me, dear!!


This is a glorious puzzle. It combines the most beautiful colors together in a delightful arrangement of squares. Dagmar - I rarely do puzzles over 100 pieces and this one seemed to fly by. Very, very nice puzzle. I love the squares!
It reminds me of a square piece from a Native American blanket. Only this puzzle is so shiny! Thanks so much!!


Hi Hanne, I would gladly send you some fun, although lately we have had some rain, here we can be sure that after three days of rain we most certainly will see the sun again, if it ever lasts three days in a row - which is very unusual. Our winterdays are also much longer than yours, but you have got much longer summerdays than we here. Here it never gets light before 6:30 in the morning and in the longest day of June at 10:30 at night the sun is down. :)) I quite like dark and gloomy days, but I suppose that is because I've to many sunny days, after while they get as boring as eternal rain. :))

I'm happy that my colours brightened your day a bit. :))


It's very spectacular, Dagmar, very fit for a gloomy day!! It gets dark so fast here now, enjoy your light for me!! Thanks so very much!!