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Who Knew???

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June 15th is the Worldwide Day of Giving. It is a very special day that was started on this date in 2010 as part of the founding year of Reed's Year of Giving.

Participating is simple and can be done from anywhere in the world.
You can be a part of the Worldwide Day of Giving by doing one of three simple activities!

1. Give a stranger $10 - someone you have never met before!
2. Volunteer
3. Donate $10

How much is $10 in other world currencies? see the puzzle!!!

If you want to know what I'm celebrating tomorrow, feel free to return to this page after 10pm (GMT - UK) when I will post a link to preview tomorrow's celebration puzzle. 139


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thanks Pat :~)


Love this one ... thanks Mandy


Thanks Rosie - I think often people are too busy rushing from one thing to the next without stopping to see what and who is around them. I think a special day when you go out with the intention of finding someone to give something to is an excellent idea, but hopefully when people have done it once and had the feel good factor reward, they will be encouraged to repeat the experience more often - and thank YOU for the hug and the smile - I'm smiling and hugging back at you :~))

Thanks Josie - I'm still smiling at your delight for yesterday! I see a few more people found it :~))

You're welcome whatnauts!!


It never hurts to remind us to give to others! Thanks for the nudge, monza :)))))


Wonderful idea, love you Mandy. If anybody missed this yesterday, Mandy helped me celebrate:

It was a grand surprise and a true delight.


Another interesting and rather startling day. Don't think of paying something forward as needing a special day but I guess , when you really think about it, most people don't think about it. Unless it smacks them in the face---a national tragedy, a homeless person begging on a corner, whatever it takes to jolt them awake, we go through life oblivious on that small personal level. Thanks for reminding us on Jigidi that we all need to participate. A big hug and smile for Mandy today too!


Thanks Ardy - I think giving is the norm for many people, but having a special day to focus on it is great, and I hope it will increase in popularity :~))

It amuses me that so many of these "special" days have never been heard of by anyone on Jigidi Barb - with a very few exceptions!! We have lots of street people here, it's the end of the line for transport etc, and I think people come hoping to find work and when they fail there is nowhere else to go! I also try to give them something nourishing, specially on the cold and wet days in winter (and the current summer!!)


Who Knew is right ... I didn't and that's why I come here everyday, Mandy. We have a lot of street people here and sometimes I'll treat them to a cup of coffee and a doughnut. It's amazing how even a little treat like that will brighten someone's day. :-)


For those of us who worship on Saturday this will be the norm. :-)) Never heard of this day before but this is only its 3rd year. Thanks for all these very unusual days of celebration.