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On International Mother Language Day the UN's Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and UN agencies participate in events that promote linguistic and cultural diversity. They also encourage people to maintain their knowledge of their mother language while learning and using more than one language. Governments and non-governmental organizations may use the day to announce policies to encourage language learning and support.

International Mother Language Day is a public holiday in Bangladesh, where it is also known as Shohid Dibôsh, or Shaheed Day. It is a global observance but not a public holiday in other parts of the world.

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Good morning Mandy .... catching up again....


Great puzzle Mandy! I only speak English, although I took French in high school. Too many years ago to remember very much. :>)


Dear Mandy - You may have packed already - I will just say thank you for a most interesting puzzle and info. My mother tongue is Nowegian - but which one of them.... I've moved to much, LOL.

Mandy - it does take time and really diving into the culture to learn another language - do you have the time.... ???
It would be easier for kids to get a good grip on a foreign languages at age 8 or 9...


Thanks Josie - whilst I would love to speak another language, I'm unlikely to ever devote enough time to learning one... I'd have to move to live somewhere and then I'd probably pick it up!! I get the romance languages very confused... I first learned some French, then some Portuguese, then some Spanish and some Italian... and they are all toooo similar!!! I gave up!! I've got a few more puzzles to post that I made already, so you'll get those, then I'll have my break!!!

Thanks Ardy - that may well be the case, but it only countries outside the UK which seem to teach their children to speak English... kids in the UK don't really get a chance to learn another language... or if they do it's started really far too late when they start secondary school at age 11!

Thanks Jo - I've a few more WKs to post before I leave!!

Thanks Barb - you sound like me... but I now use Google translate... so I can read in any language! My husband used to say he could speak and understand every language there is - except Greek!! When challenged on one he'd then say.... "It's all Greek to me!!!" LOL

How I wish our school system put more emphasis on learning some of the more widely spoken European languages ladywil - although having said that I think Polish would be quite high on the list currently - there seems to be a Polish community in every UK town!! I'd noticed how fluent you are in English and admired your skill!!

Thanks Hanne ☺


Such fine information!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!


Never too old to learn something new. I am originally from Holland and when I went to school we were taught Dutch (of course) in elementary school and in grade 5 were started on French. In high school we continued in those 2 languages and had to take also English and German. The German I kind of lost as I never speak it. French I can speak here if I have to and the other 2 we speak daily.


I wish I spoke more than one language ... only have a smattering of French and German, and that's more reading than speaking. Thanks for this puzzle, Mandy, and enjoy your time off! :-)


Thank you for todays WK, Have a great time off, we will be here for your return!! :)


Thanks, Mandy. If each state in the US and each province in Canada spoke a different language like happens between countries in Europe most of us would speak several languages and they would be taught in school as well. What amazes me on Jigidi is how well so many non-English speaking members use English so well. So much better than I could use their languages. I hope you use the language of rest and recreation well and come back strengthen and refreshed. Thanks for today's celebration, Blessings and Hugs. Ardy


I speak English, but wish I had spent time learning at least Italian. Mom and gram spoke Italian, but not to teach it to us, but to keep secrets. I can tell you to eat, that you are crazy, that you have a beautiful face and very little else. Ah well, not going to worry about that now, or anything else for that matter. Somebody else can do it. I've been told that 96% of what we worry about never happens any way. That's my monologue for tonight. Love the images, especially my dear Mandy. Love you darlin', now take that break. Hugs.