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I wish I'd changed the outlines!

64 pieces
123 solves
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I'm so pleased you enjoyed it Jan, and that you so nearly made the board, and it's always lovely to see you visit... thanks :~)

Glad you enjoyed this one Pat :~)


Fun fun puzzle... thanks


Thank you for a fun puzzle. I have my usual off-the-board time of 7:01. Just never quite make your boards.....but that's not the point of puzzling for me, thank goodness!


Nice to see you today Billie - I didn't realise it would be hard - that's the downside of not doing my own puzzles!! I'm happy you thought it was beautiful though, thanks :~)

Thanks Edie - I'm glad you got the caffeine jolt to see you through!!


Needed to get a coffee before starting this one. Glad I did because that caffeine jolt was what got me through it. Thanks Mandy, I enjoyed it.

Beautiful design but oh so hard, thanks.