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Rainbow Firecrackers!

35 pieces
149 solves
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Thanks to Mandy, Barb and Hester for a better title!


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I think 'cos it's low res, this doesn't look so great. But if you wanted to send me a high res file, I would be happy to do it with that!!

And no obligation to use it by the way. I just did it, 'cos I can. :))))


Kirsten - today I was looking at the two avatars and thinking that we blend beautifully, but yours has such a wonderful frame! I am glad you liked this. It makes me smile inside and out! Thanks so much!


As a small aside, I love it when our comments are next to each others. Our avatars are sooo complimentary!! We look like twinnies!!


Best firecrackers EVER!!! Thanks Jan, this was a whole lotta fun!! :)))


Ardy - They WERE fun, weren't they! Thank you!

Mandy - I am horrible at Titles and was so glad you gave me one. I couldn't think of anything but a dozen, so yours was great.

Hanne - Making you happy is a joyful thing for me! thanks so much!


You feel happy when you look at them!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Jan - I approve!!! I only mentioned disciples because of the original title... LOL!! Thanks so much for the appreciation... I certainly appreciate you and your puzzle creating talents!!


I love these at parties as a child. Love this Jan. Thank you.


Thanks to the three of you, I have a much better title on this puzzle!

Mandy, Barb and Hester - It makes me smile when you all enjoy a puzzle here. You are such great supporters and I appreciate it no end! Sincerely - THANKS!


I'm with Barb, fun firecrackers! Thanks! :-))


Or rainbow firecrackers! :-) Lots of fun, Jan.


Rainbow disciples!!! LOL - thanks Jan!!