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Caught in the act

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Tsk. . . .


I'll be on the next steamer to Laos. With all I had last year I could feed half the country. Try to keep this much information to yourself right after dinner please.


Wikipedia has this tidbit of information about stink bugs:

"They also are commonly eaten in Laos, and are regarded as delicious due to their extremely strong odor. The insects are sometimes pounded together with spices and a seasoning to prepare cheo, a paste mixed with chilies and herbs."


Perhaps you should try to get rid of this one, Varda, if it's the kind that PG describes!! Thanks so much for an interesting photo!!


Wow! Glad to know all that, PG. I try not to use any chemicals stronger than soapy water, which is surprisingly effective, especially on ants. Speaking of ants, our usual summertime invasion has not occurred this year --YET! I like to think that the laundry detergent I sprinkled all around the perimeter of my house a few months ago has had something to do with this blessed relief from ants. I keep a spray bottle of soapy water handy to vanquish uninvited guests. As for my veggies, nearly all of them were a big fat flop this year. Sigh h h h


Possum these are what we call stink bugs and you do not want them in your garden for any reason. They will multiply rapidly and they will decimate your veggies faster then you can say good morning America. They can take down a full grown eggplant in a matter of hours and I have had them kill all the Zucchini in my garden. There is no chemical I can find to kill them that I would put on anything I would eat so I wind up killing them by hand and they stink.

They may be assassin beetles, and rather shameless.


It's TWO of them; they separated soon after I took the pic. I don't know what they are, but I'm not sure they're welcome.


What in the world is that thing? Looks ferocious.