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Colorful Paper Strips! (small)

49 pieces
99 solves
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We sure have had more snow than typical this year. This one was about 5 inches in my area. Very wet, heavy stuff too - as I found when I shoveled the path to my garage. At least I don't worry much about losing power though. When hurricane Ike blew through here in Sept. 2008 I had no power for 7 days! Lots was fixed and updated then so we're in much better shape now.


Very pretty puzzle Jan, I really enjoyed it. Thanks


Could be, Jan. Or, it could be lunch time! LOL Thanks!


the one on the top left, reminds me of something to eat, hot dogs?


Hester - I was in a light-hearted mood! I hope YOU're having a fun day! We're heading to the bookstore today. And, if it's a daddy-daughter excursion, I can play here!

Katie - Snow! You get lots more than your fair share of it! A year ago when we came to the beach, there was snow! I had NEVER seen accumulations of snow on the beach. It was so beautiful. But, I liked the fireplace more!


Lots of pretty frills today Jan! Lots of spring colors for a snowy morning. I hope you can find enjoyable things to do with your daughter today!


Very pink and delicate today, Jan. This will be right up Ardy's street . Hopefully she still has power and will be having fun on jigidi! :-))