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;-) or "Desert Island Discs" or For PJ

49 pieces
188 solves
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Thank you, Pat. I played around with colors in the circle centers of each for so long that I finally gave up. I realized that I'd never be satisfied. Other than that, I liked everything else about it.

yohardys, thank you. That's exactly what I like to hear. :-)

Mandy, but I already called it that. LOLOL

2dogs7cats, I think there should be a ban on all speed demons. LOL

Mary, I'm so glad that you never get tired of dancing. ;-)


Oh, Wendy, you could never keep me from solving your puzzles just by putting somebody else's name on 'em! As long as they're not too big, I'M IN! Doing the Smooth Wheelie Dance and lovin' it! 5:31 Thanks!


This puzzle was so much fun I decided to do it again. Earlier I was on the leaderboard with 2:30. Not much chance of that anymore. Too many speed demons out there. Really enjoyed it anyway. Thanks


Desert Island Discs!! Thanks Wendy :~)

I'm having a ball with your puzzles! Great patterns and colors. Thank you!


Love these CD's/wheels--great colors, composition, and background (I think that just about covers it...!)! Thanks, Wendy!


You're most welcome, PJ. And as you know, the wink is for you.

Ardy, believe it or not, I've started some puzzles that were meant for you, but then I'm never sure you'll like them...because it seems like your tastes are just as varied as mine. I just thought of something though. If you see one that you love, I'll change the title to a dedication for you. How's that sound? My wink was for PJ. We email each other a lot, and I've given her some helpful hints. One of the things I mentioned to her is that whenever I put someone's name in the title, it's an absolute guarantee that I'll get less solves on the puzzle than I would get otherwise. However, on rare occasions I'll still put someone's name in the what I want to do for you. PJ's got enough dedications from me already. hehehe Oh...I hope PJ doesn't read that. hehehe A wink to PJ just in case. hehehe again.


I love the wheels, Wendy. I see you winking at someone. I hope you are saying it's ok to call them that. Thanks, Wendy, for the fun.


Wendy - thank you for posting this size. A happy and enjoyable puzzle. So fun putting the circles together in their right place :-)