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Mandy, Thank you for your concern too!!!!!! The remodeling has not been going well is the main reason......mixed in with the Internet not always being compliant. Hopefully have the Internet problem solved now. Had to call the provider and they did something on their end.

Sure will be glad when things get back to normal!!!!!


Kirsten, I have been halfway back. A lot going on here. Have had some problems with our remodeling!!! I am sorry for my absence!!!!! Thank you for checking up on me my dear :-) !!!!!


Kathy!!! Where have you been hiding, I've missed you!! I hope you've been busy creating lots more beautiful images to post for our delectation and delight!!! This one looks like its been put on a very frosty pane of glass. :~}


Kathy!! You're baaack!! I've been wondering where you are, and if everything is OK. I hope so, and it's good to see you here again. Thanks for this little sweetie! And, now onto the next one. :)))