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Hand Drawn Pie (Smaller)

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Thanks, Edie! :-)))


Catching up on my bookmarks. Glad I didn't miss this one. Your hand drawn images are some of my favourites. Thanks Pat


Thanks, Ardy and Rosie! I haven't had rhubarb pie in ages, but I did like it. This pie can be any flavor you like, and you can have as many helpings as you want! :-)))


Did someone say strawberry rhubarb pie? I'll have a slice too, please. Yummy!!! Interesting puzzle. Kinda discombobulated. Looks like the fruit pizza I used to make for my kids. Toss any kind of cut up fruit over sweetened cream cheese on a sugar cookie crust and watch them go crazy--even now when they're all growed up. By the way, thanks for the puzzle. Got lost in food thoughts.


I got so interested in reading about rhubarb, Pat, that I almost forgot to solve the puzzle. I haven't used the word that way but I've heard it used for something of mass confusion involving a lot of things or people. But when you put it in pie - oh, my, I'm so hungry. No strawberry rhubarb, please. As a kid we had rhubarb in the back yard garden. We kids used to pick it and eat it raw. Grandma made the best pies. Thanks, Pat. If the rhubarb section is edible, I'd love some, please. (Not TMI)


When you mentioned rhubarb, Katie, it got me thinking about the word itself, and its other use as a synonym for fracas or argument, so I looked it up:

"How did a vegetable become baseball slang for an argument or fight? A rhubarb is baseball slang for a fight or argument among players and/or umpires. We do know that the term was popularized by famed baseball broadcaster Red Barber, but how rhubarbs became associated with altercations is not known with any certainty, but there are several explanations that merit mention:

The word rhubarb was used by radio actors to imitate the sounds of raucous crowd. The actors would murmur ?rhubarb, rhubarb? in the background to simulate crowd noise. From radio plays to sports broadcasting is a short leap.
Sportswriter Garry Schumacher may have coined the term in 1938. Schumacher claimed to like the term because ?it suggested an untidy mess, a disheveled tangle of loose ends like the fibers of stewed rhubarb.? Schumacher claimed to have used it in the press box of a Dodgers-Reds game and Barber overheard and subsequently used it on the radio.
Rhubarb was often used as purgative and mothers would force their children to eat several doses a day. Children in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn were often sent outside with rhubarb sandwiches, which became missiles and weapons in fights."

TMI?!!! LOL!


I love pie! It's almost rhubarb season!


All sorts of berries, yes, but also, when I ran out of colors, some melted crayons as well. So yes, parts of it are edible--just make sure you pick one of those..........

Thanks, Sue and Lela! :-)))


Now, is this edible?.......if so, can we eat a slice?......or shall I take a packed lunch?........


Nice pie, Pat. Many different kinds of berries, maybe?????????????