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A challenge .. on request .. (WyndamWillows)

425 pieces
272 solves
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Same here Queen. It took me almost a whole day (between running a shop).. real puzzletime: 3:07:01 Poeh!
I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!


@ WyndamWillows and pdevredis: (again my apologies,.. my English is poor, so it?s not easy to participate in discussions.) Thank you both for the comments and the 'air purification'. ;-)


This took me forever....and I mean forever...but I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for posting it, thanks for the commentary and thanks for the sharing.

I hope so, too.


When I first started on Jigidi, although I made a profile immediately, I rarely commented. And all I wanted to do were the largest puzzles available. Then I started to find a number of posters who made only small puzzles, but who attracted lots of interesting comments, like lelabugosi, and I started to join in. Naturally, I solved those puzzles, even though they were small. Then I started to create puzzles, too. That takes a good deal of time, and answering all the comments I get on my own puzzles also takes time. So now I treat myself to one large puzzle a day, and do mostly small ones, so that I can make time for creating and chatting. I've made many friends on Jigidi, and it has become more than a jigsaw site--it is a real community. If you saw all the puzzles we posted in honor of Jigidi Day, you would see that so many people feel the same way. So I do understand your love of large puzzles, but I hope that you also find that you enjoy joining in on discussions, debates, and general merriment as well! And I hope that you will continue to enjoy all the puzzles, too!

Pdevredis, Sorry I haven't written any comments, but I never really paid any attention to the Comment Section before now. Although I've been doing Jigidi puzzles for years, I only recently created a profile. Prior to this, I was excluded from writing comments because I didn't have a profile. So I've been quite used to ignoring the Comment Section on this site. In fact, often I forget to sign in still. I hope you will accept my sincerest apology at not following proper etiquette. I will make a point of signing in, and posting a comment in the future.

P.S. I do enjoy doing the largest formatted puzzles because the smaller puzzles provide no challenge whatsoever.


Aikon, several of us have pointed out that WW never responds to puzzles posted at her/his request. Perhaps seeing this fact mentioned over and over has prompted a response at last.... You were the lucky first to receive one.


I'm glad you liked it, WyndamWillows!
Thank you! ;-)


It's a pity that I don't speak English well enough to fully express myself or have real discussions.. but nevertheless Pdevredis, you see.. it's not always as it seems. ;-)
Thank you for your visit.

Thanks Aikon for making this a super sized format. I enjoyed doing this puzzle immensely.


WW has been on at least 6 different poster's puzzles--and that's only the ones I've seen, including my own--requesting larger puzzles. I have checked every one of the puzzles posted in response, and not one has any acknowledgement from WW, nor any evidence that WW has even bothered to see if the request was answered, nor took the time to solve the puzzle....