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Canada Day Parade (3)

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North Vancouver, Canada
July 1, 2013


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Thank you Li! It was my pleasure!! : )

Hi Mariolyn! I will let someone else post those pictures. I don't have a tripod so my night shots are usually blurry!


Now we can wait for the fireworks.


Nice parade, Cathy. Thanks for sharing!!!


Thank you Ank! Actually it was rather hot ... well by our standards anyway! It was 29C ( 86F) so most of the spectators were on the shady side of the street!!

Yes, they are fun!! There were clowns with high powered water pistols who kept spraying the people on the side ... who didn't really mind at all !! One man who lived on the parade route ran out with his garden hose and the clown ran for cover!! The crowd was delighted. Then the man filled up the tank for the clowns!!

Thank you Floyd!! Yes, it wouldn't be a parade without THEM !!!!

I wanted to get them to you while it was still 1 July. Humm!? I guess in Australia it's 2 July. Oh well! I did the best I could!


I wasn't expecting to see pictures of the parade yet. You are very quick off the mark Cathy!


Always great to see a parade, especially with the MOUNTIES in their red serges.


Just love parades!!!


Very nice Cathy and I see it was great weather, I only hope it was not too warm for that men walking in the parade.