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Ready for the brush.

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This is the aunt of the puppies, she is the mother of Action, my neighbor-dog. She is a show dog. Every day she needs a complete brush treatment. And with this long hair that is a lot of work. My friend brush them at this table, and she is waiting for the brush now. In the back you see mom with her pup.


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Jam you was right, I forgot to log out. Sorry. Girls if you don't groom this everyday, you will have a problem.


Wow, such very long hair. I love to watch the big Dog Shows on TV, but I would never have the patience to groom a guy like this!


Hi Ank, thought you would be in bed by now. Bet he is pretty when he gets though grooming.

Now that is LONG hair. Can imagine if the dog didn't like being brushed. Would be very difficult to do.


My Micky doesn't like it either.


My Mickey goes crazy when you brush him. He was so bald he never got used to it.


Yes a lot of work. As I said this is the mother of my neighbor-dog. He has a haircut every two months. Personally I like the short hair better. He loves to romp and is often wet and dirty. You must not think that he would have long hair. Thanks friends.


I could never have any animals that required that much care. I don't have the patience. I have a friend (Maddie's Dad for those of you who have been following my road trip) who has a Tibetan terrier who has become a champion. She takes lots of care. Thanks, Ank. This is beautiful dog.


And I know what a big job it is Ank! I used to have my own dog grooming business. Not for show dogs. Thanks


What a job every day!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Good morning Patty, good afternoon Jana Denise and Lorna. She sure is beautiful and she is always doing very good at the shows. But it's very much work indeed. Then there is also her daughter (15 months now) she also became first at different shows, first baby, first pup (with a note very promising). Then there is the father, he is German champion. And then mom of the pups. She was excellent at the last show. So you understand there is very much work. But my friend loves to do it.


Beautiful ...thanks Sis


Gorgeous dog, and I can imagine the time and effort required to maintain that lovely silky coat.


wow this takes a lot of work. A little darling BIG smile:-)) HUGS


She's very pretty, with hair that job I can imagine, ear to ear, thank you my friend, hugs :-)))))))))