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Mosaic Loony--MUCH Clearer In Solve!

49 pieces
262 solves
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Thanks so much, Mary--and this is a complicated puzzle with the mosaic bits! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Oh, I love these but they give me fits with the colors starting and stopping and starting up again! It'll make the others seem easy maybe. Yes, I really liked it in Solve! 9:37 Thanks, Pat!


I'll post it today, SPG--and thanks so much for all your kind words! :-)))

I think it helps a lot--I've done puzzles by others like Toubleatmill where she wrote that, only because she did write that, so I know it worked on me! Thanks, Wendy!


I agree with you, Pat, that adding the "MUCH Clearer In Solve!" is what is needed for a puzzle like this. I once put something like that in one of my puzzle titles and I could tell that it made a difference. Anyway, it's especially terrific that this got so many solves. I think you should make more of these on occasion. Hint Hint. ;-)


Medium large is my preference - I am on a laptop and screen real estate is limited, even zooming in and out, grouping like colors, etc. I usually work on the large ones over many days time... Gave up ever making it on the leader board and just do it to relax. But I have never been able to figure out how folks can be *so* fast - is there a mouse trick or something I don't know about?! I have really come to love your mozaics!! Thanks in advance if you are able to do - you are in my 'favorites' so I always check your profile!


I love your thought, Jan! Sounds so much nicer than the title of the puzzle I loonied to make this--Wheel with Weird Hubcap! LOL!

It's a VERY cultured bacteria thingy, lela--educated at Oxford, awarded the OBE, lives in a quaint 35 room cottage filled with chintz and dogs but no central heating...


Clearly it is sea glass in stained glass mode! Whatever - It was fun!


Looks like a cultured bacteria thingy under the it safe?....


Thanks so much, Jan and SPG! You're right--it took many days of collecting and painting and arranging the pebbles to get this effect...! I will check to see if the others are salvageable, too, or I may try using the technique on newer paintings, and see if they work better. And I'll be glad to post this larger, SPG--do you like really large (over 300) or medium-large (200's)?


I liked this one a LOT! Bigger would be fun too ;-)


These are fun, playful. I assume you picked all the little stones at the beach and painted them before putting thm in a digtal "blender"? No? Anyway, if you have the time, why don't you share some fun and post some of the others?


Thanks, Wendy! I've made about a dozen, and only posted one other, and it bombed, if I remember. I usually don't like them, even in my folder, because LunaPic always adds white, and it usually overpowers the colors. But this time, it looked really appropriate, and I thought the preview pane was much better than the last time, too.
I had started with just the Mosaic Loony title, then quickly removed the posting and added the rest--I figured that, if I could just get people to click on this page, that would be enough to show them it was okay!


Geeez, Pat. I have created so many of these but I've NEVER posted them because they always look awful when I test them out. But yours came out wonderfully! I even like it in the preview pane.