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Good time to feed the birds if you can - small

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Gail - that is wonderful that you have so many different types of birds, must be all the different types of food you are putting out. I get a lot of cardinals and blue jays and sparrows. Glad you liked the puzzle.


Jill - my neighbor saw my empty bird feeder and reminded me so I thought that was a good idea to pass the reminder along.


Thanks tamapgirl, good to hear that you are taking care of the birds in Tampa.


Lovely puzzle, Mo. Wish I could find feeders like these. I put out five kinds of bird food all year long for my birds. I feed sparrows, scrub jays, black-capped chickadees, Anna's hummingbirds, bushtits, and others. They let me know when their food trays are empty.


Mo, I needed that! I am definitely ready for Spring! My birds are hoping this puzzle reminds me to go fill my birdfeeders, lol.


Love it sparkles! We feed the birds here in Tampa :)