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Mish Mash Collage

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Sure - no worries, Barb. (❛ᴗ❛)


That's good too, Kirsten. Please, keep me posted how this worked for you, OK?


Thanks Barb. I know that folks have had success with asking for it already. I'm still gonna wait though. I prefer to be a "late adopter" at times like this! (❛ᴗ❛)


Kirsten, good news. I wrote to them, explained what I use my two profiles for and was granted permission to use them both ☺
It was Ardy who wrote to them first and then encouraged me to do the same (•◡•)


Hi Barb - sorry about the late reply. I wasn't on Jigidi yesterday. From what I've read, despite their poorly worded and confusing comment on that puzzle, it seems that people with reasons like ours for wanting multiple profiles will be allowed to keep them on request. Like you, I will wait til they approach me before doing anything. Sometimes there are bugs in systems, or faulty thinking in these kinds of decisions, and hopefully by the time they get to me, if there are either of those things, they will have figured it out! LOL! (❛ᴗ❛)


Kirsten, I really do post all of my puzzles on both profiles just not on the same day. Ha....sometimes months apart....LOL
Yes, I'm reading the frozen seawater puzzle's comments. I also decided that I will keep using my SB profile until they will contact me, it may take time (or happen tomorrow!) I'm thinking, hoping rather, that they will go after people with insane numbers of profiles first. You and I are strictly modest in the use of our two profiles, so maybe they will let us keep them both.


You wouldn't consider posting all of your puzzles under this profile? And I am sad about it too. But have read a bit more, since my comment on the "frozen seawater" puzzle, that I assume you saw - and have noticed what they say here:

This bit "if you have distinct artistic reasons for having 2 accounts get in touch and let us know" gives me a sliver of hope that I will be able to keep my second profile for the small sizes I post there. But I guess we'll have to see whether they will allow that....


Makes me happy to read your comment, Kirsten. I think I will start posting this format every day (if I will remember LOL) to try and use up all the kaleidos that I accumulated, before I will be forced to close my SB profile. Really sad that they are doing it.


Love, love, LOVE! I adore these kaleidos, and love solving this size and format! Thanks so much, Barb! (❛ᴗ❛)