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Trucking Down 66

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This plaque is across the street from Weezy's Route 66 Restaurant, built in 1937, and was originally called the Tourist Haven Restaurant.


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This was great to read, intriguing how a whole industry grew, fed by other growing companies. All tied together to succeed. Born, raised here in Florida, I didn't know a lot about it, but loved learning when I went out west on an extended trip. We traveled quite a bit on it, here and there.


Very interesting ..... thanks


What a great and informative sign, LJ. It's fun to see the way the teamsters dressed for their job. These hard-paved roads certainly changed our country. It's an important step in our history. I'm glad for the signs to commemorate this. Thanks for showing us.


It's okay, Lorna, we understand.
Thanks, pumpkin, morris and warbler! I remember Route 66, too, warbler.


I like it, too! I remember watching a tv show every week in the early 60's called Route 66. Thats cool how it has the push button.


I like it.


I've had a week of senior moment, Lorna! :)
Nice piece of history, laura!


Oh! No wonder it looked in such good condition! (I seem to having a day of senior moments!)


Well, Lorna, it is great, but it's brand new! They are putting these new markers all along Route 66, at notable places. Thanks!


What a great old sign.