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Baby Coconuts.

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Remember my puzzle titled textures - palm stuff last week that some of you thought were bananas? Well this is what they look like now. If the gales don't get them they may survive to be coconuts. Bermuda is not the right climate and the fruit does not mature as well as down south. They still get big and look good and I believe some people drink the milk. The flesh is not too good.


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Not really my type of movie Witzy, but I know what you mean. I'll make sure that Jenny watches carefully and stays between them and me, thanks.


Have you seen the Day of the Triffids Robbie? Have you got these things under control?


You did well Nova, thanks!


The only thing I can think of to say is, "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts; See them all standing in a row.......enough for now.


Hi PK, you are welcome.


Amazing thanks Robbie


Thanks Mimi, I'm putting a picture on right now of a mature one on the next tree! Thanks.

Hi yellow, you sure you didn't have that wine first??!! You sound like me with that imagination but Jenny and I both see what you see! Actually big ears Bugosi said they looked like ET. They are comical looking, thanks, got a good laugh!

Sorry, Robbie, I'm sure they must be what you say these are, coconuts-to-be ! But to me, this picture struck me funny so here's my imagination: they look like a group of green aliens with brown or green heads, they have very skinny, long legs. They're hanging on (see little one at right bottom corner) to an upside-down vessel in which they arrived. They seem friendly, see the smiling leader (just right of center) , brown hair, pointy nose, very cute!! It's been snowing here ALL DAY, I'm ready for a glass of wine now . . . thanks for listening, Robbie ; > ))


Tis a strange looking plant indeed. Hope you will get more photos as these mature.


You're right Buck, but I will have a picture tonight that looks better.

Oh Mrs. Bugosi, you do have to agree with Lela on this, don't you?! As usual you look lovely.


Yes....definitely carrots.........


So interesting. They definitely look like some kind of nuts, but I'd never have guessed coconuts, which are really fruit.


Thank you all Hanne, PnB, PD, Lela and Jana, I will show you what they may start to look like on tonight's posting. I found one larger fruit on another tree just now. Brussel sprouts, bananas, ET I can see........CARROTS???!!!!.........Those big pink ears and silly bag are fogging your mind oh noble one!!!


Robbie, thank you very much for small coconuts, hopefully there will be good weather without storms and coconuts grow on a large :-))


I think they're carrots.........


They started out looking like bananas, and now they look like Brussels sprouts. Are you SURE they're coconuts, Robbie?!

Cool photo--thanks! :-)))


Thank you for sharing. I love to learn new and interesting things about our world. Yours is so interesting.


Wonderful Robbie!! They are fabulous, never saw anything like it!! Thanks so very much for showing!!


Yes looks like it PPM, we both enjoy our food!! Thanks.

We will never see these as large mature coconuts rob, the tree has to grow a few more years before we can try, thanks.

You're welcome Healer, I'm kind of interested in them now myself.


I've not seen them is this stage. Very interesting photo, thanks Robbie!


Are you going to go climbing when they mature Robbie? The flesh in green or yellow coconuts it delish!!


Looks like you and Bean have found your soul mates. . . .


They do GS, I agree, thanks.

You go chickie, that's a good one! Thanks.

Thanks PLG, glad you found it so.

I wouldn't have either until ours started to mature a few years ago snooker, thanks.

They certainly are, I will try to keep you up-dated, thanks Francine.


These are different from any I've seen. I too wouldn't have known what they were. Thanks Robbie.

Wouldn't have known what they were.


Very interesting, Robbie! Thanks!


You put the lime in the coconut, you drink 'em bot'up,
Put the lime in the coconut, you drink 'em bot' up,
Put the lime in the coconut, you drink 'em bot' up,
Put the lime in the coconut. You're such a silly woman.


They look downright weird, but very interesting! Thanks Robbie.


Hi bean, thanks very much, I love your food layouts and your sexy avatar! Thanks.


Yes funky Tex, thanks.

You're right Lela, I see them, thanks.

Thanks Celeste.

Now that sounds like a deal TC, you'll be busy, there are 85 more!! Thanks.

Glad you can see them Ardy, I'll try to remember to post another in a month or two, thanks.


hi sir, love your work and you may call me bean!


I never saw baby coconuts before. Very interesting. Thanks Robbie.


Yes Quintoplets I correct. Lela you amaze me with your knowledge. Thanks Robbie. I will knit you some little caps to put on their sleepy heads.!


oh wow! really cool


They look like ET siamese-twin-quintoplets......or something.......


Wow, funky looking things, yes?