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A box turtle shell that I found about 50 years ago..on a hillside of our farm..

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A biologist finally identified this turtle shell as (Terrapene carolina)....the only terrestrial turtle native to Illinois...and told me they can live up to 80 years old...So considering the extremes in climate that they have to endure here from extremely cold winters to hot humid summers and floods and droughts.. ..they certainly have become well adapted to the climate... Amazing to me... just amazing... So I found this shell when I was just a young girl... and at the time there was no turtle in it.. so it could possible be well over a hundred years old... The scales were still on it when I found it and it was beautiful...but over the years most have fallen off ...but now that I know what to glue them back on with...I shall attempt to revcover it the best I can... P.S> It serves as my button dish currently!!


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Thanks moon8962 and Mogens!


Such a great story and thanks for sharing, Janet!


Thanks for being here Joy60 and Songbirdj....I, too, enjoy finding a few nature's souvenirs to take away.. from places I have been... Thank you...for you comment and Happy New Year to you and yours.


Great story Janet! You've done well to keep it so long! I remember finding small turtles or their shells on the coast of BC and have lots of clams, oysters and other shells in my collection over the years!

Thinks for posting, janetjane1970