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Thanks for The Memories

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Thanks to all my family and friends who have so outrageously enriched my life. May the coming year be one in which we all can come to realize more and more how important each person is to the larger community of human beings - and to the whole world.


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Whyever not! Pack shorts! :-)


What a neat photograph, Potatomum, thanks for sharing it with us. It makes me smile just looking at it!


Foxy - double dog dare? :)


Are these the opening lines of Mission:Impossible? Hop on that plane and find out :-)


Mr. O, :-D


Now THERE'S a couple of beautiful people!

Thanks, PotatoMum.


Keep THOSE two in line!? Oh PhG - you've got me choking with laughter! I just may have to go to bite the bullet (flight time and $$-wise) and go to Australia just to watch them in action again! It's an unbeatable and unstoppable act, that's for sure. :-)


Welcome back spuds and it is a wonderful photo and thank you for all your charm even though you like the evil duo from down under. Santa is going to get them for their deeds. Have a wonderful New Year and keep those ladies in line if you can.


Thanks, s'mores. Stay out of the sun and dont melt!!


Surely does.... To a complete halt.... Too hot to move... Wouldn't dream of using the oven on a day this hot.... Sometimes even think about putting the clay in the fridge..... With us right behind it.... Keep on weaving, you're doing great.... Hugs.... :) :)


Does that slow down your clay play? I can't imagine heating the oven when it's that hot outside! Or maybe you just put the clay out in the sun to bake!!


You guessed it! Feverishly because of the hot day... forecast 104° today and it's creeping toward it :-)
How the pioneers survived without air con is amazing. Luvya :-)


Ah Foxy - thank you! And thanks to your cohort - who is probably working feverishly on more comeuppance for PG! Love and more love to you both!


Thank you, our precious Sweet Spuddie. A moment of love captured and memories that will always be with you. Keep weaving - you are part of the enriching of our tapestries. Much love from us.


Tweegan2, thank you. It embodies a lot, and I do love it. I just discovered your wonderful puzzles and am looking forward to working them!


Snooks, wishing the same for you. :))


Java, I spent some time in the immense desert, then decided it's time to weave the broken threads into the pattern and keep on weaving the tapestry of my life. I'm glad I've shared it with you. :))


Thanks, calleycat2. It's priceless to me. :))


PotatoMum - What an exquisitely joyful portrait. Thank you.

Beautiful picture, tater. Wishing you a special New Year.


What a beautiful photo brings tears to my eyes!!! Lovely sentiment, I couldn't wish more happiness and joy for you! Thanks for sharing this with us! ;-)))