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Road trip - day 5 - Cog railroad

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The beauty of the mountains and the thrill of ascending the Northeast's highest peak are just as enchanting today as they were in 1869, when Sylvester Marsh opened the world's first mountain-climbing railroad on New Hampshire's Mount Washington.

Nearly 150 years later, the Mount Washington Cog Railway continues to provide a sense of adventure and history as it carries passengers up a 3-mile-long trestle and the steepest railroad tracks in North America to the 6,288-foot summit of Mount Washington. There, visitors can take in the spectacular panoramic view, spanning the mountains and valleys of New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, north into Canada, and east to the Atlantic Ocean.

The first train up each day is powered by steam. We arrived in time to see it start up that day. Following its progress up is easy - just watch the black smoke. ALl the other trains are powered by eco-friendly bio-diesel.


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That's my feeling too, Mandy. It takes it about 10 minutes longer to make the trip as well.


What a wonderful experience - all that noise and "smoke"!! I think watching it travel up the mountain from a safe distance sounds ideal!!


It's a beautiful state, Dagmar. It definitely wasn't a quiet train. Actually running over the tracks is quite noisy. Thanks.


A very interesting story, Ardy. I love to learn new things every day. :)) Near to my home in Germany there is also an old steam engine running not as spectacular as here. What I remember most about it, isn't the smoke, but the noise it made. It was really impressive. :))
The scenery seems to be very beautiful.


Jan, I'm so delighted to be able to share. I got these from Yoyo during train theme weeks but wasn't able to get them ready to post then. It takes about 1/2 an hour with the bio-diesel and about 40 minutes by steam. Thanks for coming by.


You are so welcome, Liane. The first engine to climb is there. I'll be showing that in a few days.


What a great picture! What a great history! What a great adventure! What a large distance, too. This looks like it was a tremendous amount of fun for you, too, Ardy! thanks for sharing it with us!


Love old trains .Thank you Ardy for the history and geography lessons .


You have a very fast 25 second now, Ank. That's great. I think it has to do with how the pieces arrange themselves on the screen when the puzzle opens. I doubt it's exactly the same each time the puzzle is opened. I know sometimes pieces that go together are right next to each other and other times they are far apart.


I never understand, sometimes I'm very fast and sometimes very slow. MOst times if I want to make a good time I have to solve it ore often. For the same puzzle, my time can be :33 or 1:12. Don't ask me why. I only know there is about 20 sec. difference between morning and evening.


It's like memories of the "olden days." Thanks, Ank. And I see you up in the middle of the board.


Yes OK, it is not clean, but very nice to see. Where I lived before in the west of NL, I lived close to a railway. And once a year there was a steam train, I always loved to see it. But if the wind was wrong you could clean your windows.


They run just this one steam train first thing each day to keep with tradition. The steam really helps you follow the progress up the mountain though. Thanks, Hanne.


They were so very cosy but polluted so very much and you became more than dirty by travelling with them. Thanks so very much Ardy!!


You're welcome, Pat.


Great Photo thanks ...


Not only is bio-diesel more eco-friendly but it is also less expensive. Barb, you beat me by one second! Thanks for coming by. This was quite a day.


A wonderful way of seeing the beauty of the mountains, Ardy. Glad to see they've switched to an eco-friendly bio-diesel, other than the first train of the day. :-)