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Another Saturday Flower

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101 solves
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I'm so glad that this was fun for you, Mary. I see that you're solving more larger puzzles now. I know that you want to get faster and believe it or not, by doing the medium sized ones that you're doing now, you'll find that your times on the smaller ones will improve.


I almost missed this one because I limited my size! So big and fun! 17:48 Thanks, Wendy!




Jan, if I close my eyes, I won't be able to create any puzzles at all. What kind of advice is that? LOL

whatnauts, I would miss you too much if you didn't at least tell me that you liked a puzzle even though you weren't going to solve it. LOL ;-)


Oh heck, you couldn't really expect me to pass over your puzzles every day. I fear what you ask would be most impossible unless, hmm, perhaps I'll just quit commenting on them and you won't notice that I've stopped by!!!! :))))))


Dear Wendy - just breathe deep, close your eyes and wait for a signal from the creative part of your brain. We all know it is there.


whatnauts, I thought one of the rules was that you weren't allowed to bookmark any new puzzles until you completed all the bookmarked puzzles you already have. You're being bad again. I solved Sudoku and Kakuro puzzles all afternoon in bed. Don't ask me about the flu. :-(

Jan and Mandy, I love these colors too! OK, I'll make more...but keep in mind that I keep getting asked to make more of something....and I'm starting to pull my hair out wondering what to do.


A Rainbow flower - how exciting, and I love the brightly coloured radii too, set against those gentle greens - more please !!


glorious colors in a fun design


Another wonderful flower and delightful to put together. I'll be back later to partake of some your other delectable delights, but for now I'm to solve some puzzles I bookmarked earlier in the week!!! Hope your Saturday is great - are you over your flu yet???


I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Ardy. I've been liking my flowers more and more lately. I look at some of my old ones and wonder why I used to like them.


Really nice flower, Wendy. I like the rainbow edging. Thanks.