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tea time

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another fun one. thank you June.


thanks Lee, glad you liked it

Love all the creatures in the middle tier--human or non-human. Thanks for the super puzzle.


Hi Pat and Joyce thank you I like the sheep one best. Well having had too many 'accidental' real coffees I now just have hot milk if we eat out, am toying with the idea of taking my own decaff to mix in it. I think that bear has been at the Vin au Tadpole it sure has that effect on me


Fun puzzle, as always!!! Love your characters, especially ''Little Lulu & Tubby''!! Two of my fave cartoon characters. Had to buy their comic book as soon as it came out. That poor little teddy bear looks like he's had way too much tea. LOL Great puzzle, many thanks again for a nice morning!! :))
(time, 7:02)


It's a sad commentary on my normal mode of dressing to see a mouse looking much classier than I ever do...! LOL! I'm not much of a tea drinker, although I like a chai in the winter or a mint tea to soothe an upset stomach. But a good, strong cup of coffee is wonderful, even though I only want one once a week or so. My daughter Courtenay has to drink decaf--if she is served the wrong one by mistake, she becomes incredibly hyper active and takes hours to settle down... Anyway, TMI! Fun puzzle--love the different tea-drinkers you chose! Thanks, June. :-)))


Hi Sharon and Jim, thanks. I don't like the taste of tea, love coffee but nowadays it has to be two cups a day of decaff or I am up all night squealing with pain of cramp mostly in my legs. Otherwise my drink is 20% cranberry juice 20% ginger beer topped up with boiling water about the only taste I almost like. Love milk but can't have it, bad for my lungs. Life is a series of diminishing options


They do have it covered for many occasions. : ) It is a cute idea and puzzle. Thank you.

You don't like tea, June? How about coffee? I like a good cup of tea, but not iced... which happens to be a staple in this part of the world, so I make it anyway.

personally I'm more of a coffee girl, just has a lovely mug before solving this. Although a proper posh afternoon tea with little triangle sandwiches, scones and gorgeous cakes would be a lovely treat.


Hi Gail, they do say that anytime is tea time in Britain, personally I hate the stuff


Good morning, Junee. Looks like it's tea time all the time.