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Lewis, fell asleep today R.I.P.

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oh my, Dee, I'm so sorry. I commented on one that was posted after this one and thought he was still part of the family. bless you's like loosing a child.

What a sweet angel. I am certain God picked somebody very loving to care for him until you are together once more. Sorry for your loss.


What a sweet-looking boy he was. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thanks to everyone.


Beautiful. Looks like the kind of friend we could all do with. sorry for your loss.

I'm so sorry for your loss, my Chai girl is soon to be gone I'm afraid. She's quite old and not getting around much anymore. RIP Lewis, your family loved you much.

what a beautiful boy i shed a tear for you both its been 5 years since i lost my kayleigh and zara i still miss them R.I.P Lewis


Lovely boy, I'm very sorry.


Oh bless, he's lovely. I do know how you feel as I still miss my Noggin after nearly three years. Eventually you larn to smile and say "Remember when he....." ther now I have shed a tear for you both

Thank you Snooker and MariMoo.
He was a great wee dog and faithful companion Will be very much missed. He was the only dog I knew who shut the door after him when he came in!

Some tears were shed for Lewis.

What a beautiful face