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A little bit of this, a little bit of that .... :)) I Have a wonderful weekend

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Sorry it took me so long to answer Mandy, I hope by now your weather has changed and you have wonderful sunshine. Thanks for your visit and it's nice to know that you liked the puzzle. :))


No sunshine here today - the rain woke me up and doesn't seem to have stopped - but I've been warm and toasty at home and playing on my favourite site!! Thanks for the lovely puzzles Dagmar :~)


Hello Hester, nice to see you and I'm glad you had some fun with my mixture of images. Have a great weekend youself. I hope that your very wet English weather gives you a respite and you see some sun. At the moment it is raining here so the sun might have switched places. :))


A great fun puzzle, Dagmar! It is a lovely blend of pastels are fiery colours! Have a great weekend! :-))


Hello RW2, I suppose in a little while you will be starting your Saturday moring. I hope you had a nice cool night to sleep and autumn is getting to your place. I was wondering is it "fall" or "autumn" in Australia?
As I already told Ardy my weekend is a mix between ambling and mingling :)) Have a wonderful Saturday and enjoy the off-time from work. :))


Hello Edith, it seems the puzzle had something for everybody, I'm happy you liked the flowers and I'm sorry to hear about the snow. You could send it round to us, I wouldn't mind a bit of snow at all. :)))
Here spring is late as well this year. Normally at this time of the year all fruit trees have blossomed and the trees are starting to have their first leaves but it's cold here as well, but as soon as this cold spell is over I suppose spring will go into overdrive and everything will just blossom and green. This usually is amazing to see from one day to the other everything changes. :))
My weekend won't be too relaxing as I told Ardy but at least there won't be no work which is a very good improvement. :)))
Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourself. :))


Good afternoon or I suppose nearly good evening Ardy by now. :)) I also love lilacs they are my favourite flowers, I love to smell them. :))
Mountains and no mountains this weekend. On Sunday we have to drive up to have a look at the flowers and the house but we will come back the same day and on Saturday we have a birthday party, but in between I'll try to get some relax and fit in some puzzles in Jigidi and also create some puzzles for the next week. :)) I'm really looking forward to it. :))
Thanks for your visit and I hope that your weekend will be an agreeable one. :))


Thanks Gail, I just saw that you were and are ill - as usual I'm late to know about it but nevertheless I want to send you my best wishes and I hope that you will feel better soon.
Thanks for your visit and thanks for your comment. :))


Lovely shapes, textures and colours Dagmar!!! Thanks very much. And I hope you have an ambling week-end. :)))


Lovely colours Dagmar and thanks for mixing the flowers in between. I need signs of spring to cheer me up. They are now calling for 15-20 cm. of snow on Monday. Just when I thought we were starting to get rid of it. Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Thanks


Good morning, Dagmar. This is so lovely and springlike. I love it. I spied the lilacs! I love lilacs. Thanks for this early morning delight. Are you off to the mountains this weekend? Whatever you do I hope you can relax and recharge for the next week. You have a good weekend, too.


Beautiful, Dagmar. So soft, yet vibrant. Thanks.