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Working again

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I always wait till spring, and nothing special, something special manure every now and then.
You did solve a lot, thanks.


What a good dog! And what beautiful pink hydrangea bush you have! How do you tend it? Mine gets very straggly in the winter but I've been told not to cut off the dried flower heads until the Spring when new leaf buds are peeping through.


Thanks Monica, same to you. Hugs


Micky your such a good dog! I wish I had a dog just like you! Thanks Ank, I just love your pics of your sweet Micky! Have a great week my friend!...Hugs to you Ank...soft pats on the back and kisses for Micky!


Thanks Jacques and Suzy. That's right Suzy, you have to start young with that. Preparing for life. :-)))


Micky must have chores to do, as all children!


zeer geslaagde foto Ank!


Wow so many friends, thanks. I love your comments. Sorry I don't have much time, because I have to solve a few puzzles. I did spend my playing time with working in the garden, we had such beautiful weather. Micky likes to carry things, as you can see.


Your flowers are beautiful !! Thanks for this great puzzle Ank. And Micky steals the show again. She is sooo lovable!!


Good dog!!!! :) Thanks, Ank!


Good Micky, helping Mom. This picture makes me yearn for summer. Hurry, warm weather. We want to get out into our gardens again!


Everyone needs to earn their keep. LOL Nice one Ank.


Hi Mickey, not too tired after all this work ? :-)))) Nice picture.


Very nice picture Ank, a good memory for you, thanks.


I love this picture Ank! Micky is such a good little dog, and your gardens are very lovely. Thanks!


Micky is such a clever, cute, busy dog. I'm sure she deserves all the treats she receives.


Thanks Ardy Jana Jan Sandy Sissy and Hanne. She is doing a great job and is paid with a treat. She likes to carry things. Sandy I had beautiful hydrangeas in that garden, also very beautiful roses. Jan I love this avatar. Ardy I have my head cut off this picture, my beauty would distract Micky. lol


Ohhh, Micky, are you sure you are well paid?? Thanks so very much Ank!!


Great set Sis thanks Hugs


Your hydrangea bush is beautiful Ank.


This is beautiful


Micky je doet het goed


The pretty garden Micky clever runs and operates, distributes newspapers, I really like it, thank Ank and Micky, I have a smile from ear to ear :-)))))))))))


Micky works hard. Glad to see her again. Too bad you lost your head here, Ank. Otherwise it's a great picture. Thanks.


Ah that's pity. we use to have much rain, so we never had this problem. We don't have this garden anymore, it was where we had the boat when we still lived in the west. So this is an old photo.


I love your yard. Everything looks so green. We had a drought last year and the lawn and everything else looked crispy fried.


Hi Sissel Denise madmaxi and Barbara, goodmorning and I'm glad to see you. Barbara you are right, it is hydrangea, we call them in Dutch "Hortensia". Indeed they are very pretty, they flower all summer and a big part of autumn. Sissel I always try to match my pants with the flowers. lol
I did not notice till you said so.
I hope you all have a great day.


Micky you are so helpful, Thank you Ank.

yes your righr not long got up


Cute dog.
Sorry to contradict but I think it is a hydrangea, very pretty.


I am so glad you have sun last. Micky what a clever girl, may I read your paper?
The flowers are marvellous. I have forgotton the name of the bush (a senior moment) Here in SA
we call them Christmas flowers
as they come out at the end of the year. Lovely picture. Have a wonderful day:-)))HUGS


Lovely - your pants and the flowers are a match in colours :-)


We have sun, Spring is there.