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Write a Caption! yellow car

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I have 3 nephews your height and I can sympathize with your situation. Delighted that you've found a solution! LOL


Hmmm. Since I'm 6'5", and can't even get into some of these cars, I can't help but think he may have a solution...!


ROFL, gonzobob! Very funny!!!!!


The first prototype for the "pope-mobile" was quickly rejected.


We even got a fresh song sung to the BHillbillies Theme Song! Amazing! Wonderful captions today! ROFL!! Thank you all so very much.


[ Sung to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies Theme song:
For our non-American Jigidi friends:
Yep, we're a super-power :-) Pretty scary huh!]

"Come and listen to my story about a man names Bean.
An awkward comedian - the most you've ever seen.
Then one day he was drivin' for some food,
Slammed 'to a wall but ne'er said anythin' rude.

Well the first thing thing you know ole' Bean's a millionaire.
Even making movies that made Mona Lisa to swear.
Then some said you should be in NASCAR races.
So he sat up on the roof to watch the drivers' faces.

[Note: Spoken:
Swearin' at him they were.
Dodging and a spinnin'
Funny thing was: He's the only one a winnin'.]

Everyone now:
Dumb du-lum du dumb du-lum du dumb da-lum da dumb ...

P.S. I wouldn't worry - Benny Hill was probably driving.

[Start saxophone with car rapidly zipping around the track and race cars.]


Great captions! ROFL!!


Mr. Bean's prototype for the double-decker mini.


The Joads got a new Mini for their next road trip.


I told my husband he had to go skim the leaves out of the pond, but the lazy guy wouldn't get out of his comfy chair, so .......................

It likely is one of his brilliant ideas. Mr. Atkinson could design the remote electro-mechanical system that could be used to control this Mini. With all that said, it is one of the best of british comedy.


Here we have the modern butterfly collector's latest innovation.... designed to keep up with the most elusive butterflies. Plus, if they decide to gang up on our stalwart hunter, he has a fast means of escape. We all know how dangerous an enraged herd of butterflies can be.

(Hello Rowan!!)


new air conditioning , but back to the drawing board.


Looks like Mr. Bean is up to another one of his brilliant (?) ideas.


Typically sophisticated British steering system engineering. Pull on rope, if you don't turn the correct direction, pull on rope with other hand.


You are welcome, Naomi! The best part is when people like you write funny captions!!! :D

Jill - I fear that he just might have been a date from my past!


Hey, Suzy, your date is here!


Have Lazy Boy, will travel! A fun puzzle, thanks.