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Bishka on her birthday

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Waiting for me to toss her baby


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She actually jumps up and down like a little kid before I throw it. Thanks Ank


Come on mum, do it, toss it. ☺☺☺


You are right Faye, that is a happy face, anticipation. Thanks Faye.

I hear you Ank, not enough hours in a day. Hugs..


Pat I bookmarked them all, I ran out of time today. Hugs ♥♥♥


I recognize that happy look. :D


You are welcome Ardy. She got a new baby for her birthday that squeaks and she loves
it. So now she has baby and dolly, both squeakers. Waiting for Mike, Jamie and Mikey
to come over, Mike works for ABT (electronic store), and he is going to bring and install
my new microwave. Its been over a month since it broke, and I really miss it. Can't
wait to see Mikey, Jamie said he is starting to talk a little more. I will take pictures.


A lovely, smiling birthday girl. Thanks, Pat.