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Well ... almost everyone stands perfectly still.

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: ))))
RCMP Musical Ride, North Vancouver, BC.


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I'm glad you like this one Li. : )))))


Funny, Cathy! At least his head is still down!


Hi Suzy! I think the rider is the woman who was turning and smiling in one of my earlier puzzles. So perhaps she and her fiesty horse are well matched!! : )

Oh Faye!! I've never seen that!! That would definitely be embarrassing for the rider!!!


At Expo 86 they had one horse that was a bit lazier than the others...if he decided he'd had enough he'd just lay matter where or when! Can you imagine being the Mountie riding that horse? LOL


My horse would be the second one in. :)


Thank you Jim. In fact ... the lance drill had just ended and they were allowed to raise their heads again. I think that one was just very happy that the nasty 'standing still' formation was FINISHED!! So it was probably a mistake but not a very big mistake. : )))


Even if everyone else is perfectly still, you gotta dance! Love it, Cathy!


Thank you Lorna. I'm glad you like this one. Yes, I liked Ank's story too.

Ank, that is interesting! You were one of the riders in a performance!! How wonderful !!


Hi Ank. No he wasn't supposed to do that!! Sometimes if they play a song you like you just have to dance!!!! : ))))


Oh bless him / her! Nice picture thanks Cathy.
Great story Ank!


The second of the right has one leg high, did he make a mistake or is he maybe the one in the middle and did he have to do this. That happened once to me, I was in the middle and every one thought it had to be that way. Later I had a compliment of the trainer, so good you did not correct the mistake. Have a great day.