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Father and Son

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Yes, Edie. Everything is good between us. :-))))


So that's it; you're drifting away from Jigidi. I sensed that something has been wrong for quite some time. You're not the same happy, carefree woman I knew months ago. I can understand why.

I'm glad it doesn't have anything to do with me though. Oftentimes I've thought about the birthday puzzle I ended up never making for you. I figured you forgot about it, and if I were to make it, it would have to be a private puzzle. Somehow, I think you wouldn't care anyway. lol

There are so many ups and downs on Jigidi. It drives me crazy. LOL

You're still a very special lady in my book. :-)))))


Sorry you feel that way Wendy. I don't feel like we've drifted apart I feel like I've drifted from Jigidi. I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the responsibility I felt to take pictures every day, write caption, answer comments, visit all of my regulars and leave comments. It was getting too much so I've cut back on everything. Posting, comments, solving. I was starting to feel that every minute that I was inside I was on Jigidi. I ate my meals in front of the computer. I've been taping my shows to try and watch later. Hope you realize that it's not you at all, it's me needing some time away from things that I feel pressured to do. You're still my favourite puzzle maker on here :-)))))


Yes, I've been following what you've done lately....and am glad that you've lightened your load. I felt a need to reiterate what I said before. I feel overwhelmed and I'm not responsible for any animals other than two cats who are very healthy and have no special needs whatsoever. Plus, I don't have to create puzzles but I feel like I should be which gives me stress. You probably have 20 times more stress related things to deal with than I I worry about you. I feel like we've drifted apart but you're still one of my very favorite people anyway.


I know I do Wendy and I'm trying to cut back. I adopted out one of the white Persian cats to a wonderful family last friday and they want her sister as well. Those two alone are more work then the other five put together. I will make a big difference in the house. As far as outside I'm selling the chicks as fast as I can and once the infirmary is empty that will help as well. Also as the days get shorter they chickens go in earlier so I have more time in the evenings to myself. Thanks for your concern :-)))))


Hi dear Edie. I changed my mind again. So what's new? I'm always changing my mind.
I totally forgot about your menagerie alias. Edie, sometimes I read about one of your chickens and tears come to my eyes; other times I'm laughing out loud. But, Edie, you do too much.


Thanks zzzz. Haven't solved a single puzzle today. Might get around to a few now that everyone is in for the night or I might just be too tired to do any :-)))


I'm so sorry to hear your news, Edie.

I hadn't thought of this before, but I might as well make my comments directly on your latest puzzle(s) the future. I don't know what I was thinking. lol


I should clarify. I had asked her not to knock any of you off of MY puzzles. I don't know what she does on other people's puzzles. Your strategy of solving her puzzles is a great one. hehehe

I go through sleeping phases like yours. I know that if I'm feeling stressed out, my sleeping is awful.

You have an incredible amount of responsibilities that could stress out almost anyone. I don't know how you manage to do all you do. Maybe having less to do would help.

I'll tell Mandy what you said, but I think she's so used to leaving you alone that she'll leave you alone. LOL


Please tell her that she can knock me off any puzzles that she feels like. I admire her speed and call her the Bullet Train. I joked with her that the only puzzles I have a shot at top spot are her's since she doesn't solve them.
As for bad nights, I have them all the time. Have had sleeping problems for years and it somehow seems to cycle from bad to worse and I guess I'm going through a worse phase right now. Thanks for your concern Wendy. I have to run, late again and need to get my mash made and head out :-))))


Hi dear Edie, I didn't see anything mentioned about why you had a bad night, but I hope you're ok. I hope your chickens are as well.

Something that I should tell you....I guess. Long, long ago, I had asked Mandy to never knock you, whatnauts, Pat, and Yuki off of any top spots. Mandy had so many top spots at the time, and you guys didn't have many at all. Recently, she mentioned something about it, and I told her that I didn't care as much about you and Yuki anymore because you've both got quite a few. Anyway, she has never knocked any of you off any top spots except by accident she knocked either you or Pat off one and only once. Then when you got all those top spots yesterday, she didn't know what to do because she really wanted to solve the checkerboard one. LOL!


I know you're not posting every day anymore, but I still like visiting.


I'm not posting everyday anymore but good to know that you'll still be watching for them :-))))


He now always wears the same clothes when he comes because they already have little holes burned into them by the flying sparks.


Playing with fire keep you warm. :))


He didn't start out that way. His jacket came of first, then a while later his sweatshirt. The fire kept melting the snow and the logs were laying in water so it was hard to keep it going.


That's one way to help the snow melt, Edie. The fire, that is but in boots and a t-shirt. Thanks. It gave me a good chuckle.


You're welcome Jana.


Thank you very much Edie :-))))


Yes Ank, thank you. It was +10 and the sun was shining. You know men, they don't feel the cold the same way.


Very nice. Your son and g-son? Brr without a jacket. But they are looking good.