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#10 This Is For The Birds!!

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This birdhouse (I just finished it) is not painted for use as a decoration. This one will be--I hope--a working nesting house. I have drilled holes under the eaves for ventilation--it gets hot in the Spring here in Florida. I have just 'camouflaged' it a little to make it less visible to predators. It is placed in my woods in the hope that some Newlyweds will decide to live there for awhile and raise a nice little family...............


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Ann,...yep, my hut. It fits 4 w/chairs. Three with chairs and a small table that I cook on. Funny that you mentioned a nap. My dil brought a book to read between catches. The action was so fast and furious she never opened the book in the two hours before we filled our limit. We'll be going again soon. And YES, be hanged!!
Okay, okay,...I'll post one of me with a small fish. (at "treker")


Loved the photo, treker---nice looking couple. I wish they had gotten one of you, too, though. That can't be your fishing hut behind them!! It is way too small for more than one person. How can anyone find a place to take a nap? ;-)
I'm really glad you folks had a good time. Are you going again this Winter?--- 'money' be hanged? Hawhaw...............


My son and daughter-in-law were my companions. "naturegirl215" has a photo/puzzle of them on the ice during the trip we're talking about. I took the photo with their camera and she posted it. Check it out...
I can't imagine the money I've spent hunting/fishing for the past 43 years in Idaho! Lordy, Lordy!
But you can't do this in southern California!! Great place to raise kids, smog free and not many folks although the population was MUCH less all those years ago when we moved here.


Sounds like you & your companions did really well. I always wonder, though, like in deer hunting---how much did your fish, at the store price of $49.50, actually cost considering your expenses? LOL! I'm just teasing you. Acquaintances when I worked spent SO much going after that deer! But I know it is the good time, the companionship, & comradeship you have that matters. Sure, you could buy the fish or venison cheaper but it wouldn't taste anywhere near as good, would it? I hope you stayed longer than your two hours---are you able to 'sport fish'? catch 'em & then release them back into the water? If that is allowed I guess you could stay as long as you want.
I know exactly what you mean about having to be in the right frame of mind to work on a project. I have the same problem and I don't have to go out to a cold workshop & set up!! I have my home office set up as my little hobby work-shop, too. Everything is right here in the house. But if I'm not in the mood I'd better not mess with it or sure as shootin' I will mess up!
I could not survive in your weather---seriously. I am actually in physical pain when it is cold. I must have warmth & sunshine. So I can understand even more your not wanting to work on the 'Tree' much. If you are like me at all if something delays me I usually end up coming up with a better design or something in my down time. But I know your work is beautiful & I will be patient. I know it will be worth the wait...............


Been ice fishing twice and last Sunday it was -23 degrees. Doing the math,that's 55 degrees below freezing temps! A GREAT trip since three of us each caught our 6 fish limit in a little under two hours. (18 fish) Funny how this works out. We were in Costco today and noticed the price of 4 packaged small trout to be $11. Our catch represented over $44! My wife is crazy for pan fried trout so it's fun to bring home the "bacon." LOL
The "Tree" metal sculpture is progressing, albeit slowly. I've really got to be in the right frame of mind to heat the garage, get equipment "set up, and so on. The weather has really been cold here (Idaho) this winter. I find any number of reasons to do "home stuff" when it's cold and I've just shoveled the circular driveway and sidewalk.


Hi treker. Well, I wouldn't say a 'masterpiece' myself, but thanks for the compliment. I, too, hope the birds like it. How are your projects coming along and how was the fishing trip? Hope nobody fell through the ice & you caught lots of good-eatin' fish (not just old boots!)..............

Sissel, I guess you are feeling better now. Is your treatment helping? Your gardens are really pretty, & I'm glad you like my birdhouse. Take care of yourself...............

Jenny, so nice to hear from you! Hope you have been well. Yeah, that roof is strange, huh? I decided to try a little camouflage just for the heck of it. I think it turned out pretty well. Glad you like it, thank you.............


Another great birdhouse Ann, love the roof!!


Dear Ann - beautiful made. Has not been in for some days as my head has been "not working" in any way. Love your comments on my gardenpuzzles - hugs :-)


Wow,...another masterpiece Ann! I love it and so will the birds. ;-))


Why, thank you Graciela, for the compliment. This is just a plain one, though, for nesting. I'm working on more decorative ones. Have you seen Monica's? She BUILDS hers---they're beautiful. I just paint mine---no talent required; just slap the paint on! LOL!
Now, if I could dance like your recent avatars I would consider myself 'gifted'! Thanks again............


Beautiful!! you are gifted.


Thanks for the tip, Pat. I haven't gotten around to it yet; maybe today. I have all the ingredients, though. Just got to get to work on the apples---the rest will be easy. I'll let you know the result when it's done.............


Ann Good luck on the applebutter...It is good...There at the end of cooking is where you need to watch it more ... mine thickened fast...


Hello, Mimi. I hope it does appeal to somebody. Most, like I say, don't get lived in, usually. That's why I mostly decorate them for myself. Even the ones I leave plain, except for a single, drab coat for waterproofing are most always empty so it isn't because of decoration---they just like the natural way--at least here where I live. There are tree/shrub nests all over the place as long as it isn't a high-traffic area---they like to nest well away from the feeders & Sip-N-Dip and human goings-on.
I hope you found the one I use. It is so handy, and being alphabetized it is so easy to find the meanings. Even if you got a different one if it's easy to use you can see how helpful it is............


Great puzzle, you'll have to tell us when it is inhabited!

Thanks for the info re texting abbreviations. I looked it up and put it on my bookmarks too. I would never remember all that!


Hi, Hanne. Glad you like it. I'm working, off & on, on a very special one for decorative purposes only. It's requiring a lot of work so I'm not hurrying. I'll post it when finished (if it ever is, hawhaw!). Meanwhile I will start another simpler one.............

Robbie, thanks. I do hope some kind of birds will use it. As I've said before, I don't make many for nesting. They usually go empty--there are so many trees & bushes around that they seem to prefer the natural way. I'm going to try Pat's applebutter. Got the ingredients today...............

Ank, thank you very much. This is sort of therapy for the soul for me. It's a good 'get-away' to sweeten your grumps away!hawhaw. And it isn't expensive to do, either. I have 7ounce jars from the paint department in all kinds of colors and it doesn't take much for a birdhouse............

Adriana, thanks. I hope you are right. I often forget to check them to find out, though! But when I do remember they are usually empty...........

Jacques, you sweet man. Thanks for the flowers. I go back to the puzzle to admire them--and your thoughtfulness-- every time I log on to Jigidi. I'm glad you like the birdhouse. I'll have to do one for you...........

Pat, I got the ingredients today when I shopped. Only I will cut the recipe in half; that's too much for one little old lady alone! I don't know when I'll start mine---I'm up all night anyway!............


beautiful birdhouse Ann, i love it!


Very Nice Birdhouse Ann I hope you get visitors in de spring


That looks good PK, will try it sometime.


Lovely Ann. And a lot of work. I hope you can make beautiful photos next spring.


Ann I started mine in the morning that way it didn't keep me awake all night smelling it...


You sure keep busy AJ and what a great home you built for a lucky family. Good luck, I'm sure it will be occupied shortly.


What a fine house, Ann!! If I was a bird I would really LOVE to move into it - and for free!!!! Do hope you'll get residents!! Thanks so very much sweetie!!


Thanks, Pat. I'll give it a try. Sounds yummy............


Hi Ann Here is the recipe for Crockpot Applebutter

Crock Pot Apple Butter Recipe

Total Time: 10 hr 10 min.Prep10 min.Cook10 hr 0 min.
Yield:Serving Yield: 12 pint jars .Level:Easy

2- 3 pounds (50 oz) jars unsweetened apple sauce
3 pounds granny smith apples
4 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups apple juice
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon cloves
1 teaspoon allspice


Peel and cut apples into small chips. Place all ingredients in the crock pot and stir. Cover and cook on low overnight (eight to ten hours). Remove cover, stir and taste. Add more spices or sugar if desired. Continue cooking for a few more hours, uncovered, until some of the liquid has evaporated and butter has cooked down a bit. Pour into jars and refrigerate. Serve over hot biscuits, toast, scones or eat it out of the jar.