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Swurple (Smaller)

49 pieces
134 solves
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Thanks so much, PJ--I do so love to coin words! :-))) I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle.


Great design and fun puzzle. Congratulations with a new word - fits perfectly.


Thanks so much, Jan--the photo was taken at my daughter Jessica's bridal shower this Saturday!

That's a very good description of the puzzle, too! :-)


Peeking through a telescope - backwards! Fun puzzle. Swurple?? LOL.

Great new avatar!! Love it!


I made it confusing by coloring it from light to dark, and the the opposite towards the very narrow center. That's what confuses the eye/mind, trying to read the dimensionality. And swurple sounded like a fun word for a purple swirl!
I'm glad you like the new photo--and I look younger only because the lighting and the way I was holding my head erased a lot of lines and bags! I don't look that good in person, believe me, but I appreciate the compliment!


Pat, I can see this as a cone sticking up from the center of the Swurple (great word) or a bend in the tunnel with a lighted narrow exit waaaaay down. Love it. I must say again I LOVE your new avatar. You look years younger than you did in the one I first saw when I came on Jigidi in March. Thank you for the puzzles today and for posting that wonderful picture.


Excellent design Pat! It's like a tunnel, but not quite. Seems to be a bend missing somehow. Love your new word too!