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Cubed Kaleido In Blue ....

36 pieces
83 solves
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Thank you, Whattie... I like that you think its dramatic.... I've finished two more cube ones, as cubes seem to be my fascination for the moment, both in OUR favourite colour... I chose this blue one to post first, I thought it had more impact... Thanks for letting me know I picked the right one to go first.... Keep warm and enjoy your day....


This is wonderful, SMor. It's so dramatic and done with my second favourite colour!!!


Ah ha, Michelle.... Tricky huh.... That's what you get with cracker jacks.... (actually see comment to Shirley).... Thanks... :) :)


Roses are Red.....
Violets Royal Blue....
You're such a Good Buddy....
I made this one for you.....

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)


Thank you, Shirley.... I haven't done a hand made kaleido yet... Been focusing on cubing lately... Soon, mate... Could you be referring to RJDB as 'we know who'... I think she just might like this one.... The lights on the sides, were magic wand, duplicate, majorly beveled, shadowed and outer glowed.... I like the effect too.... :) :)


Wow...I just love it! (and yes, I was slow...2:41) The gorgeous deep ocean blues with touches of coral pink, the 3Dcube form, the glowing stars. I swear that the one on the top of the cube is actually floating. I magnified and looked at it and it really does not look like it is flat with the puzzle. Another fine one, Sally!


Woo...Hoo...Royal...Blue!!!.....and all packaged up for easy transport. Indeed, I loved this one! Thanks, dearmone!


We know who is going to love this, as I do, love the little light glowing on all sides of the box, Sally is this a hand made kaleido? lovely creative design, Thanks Mate. :):)


A different take on Kaleidoscopes.... Monochrome is not as easy to solve as the ones of many colours .... I'm glad you liked it... I was very happy with the end result myself.... Take care.... :) :)

Very pretty, Sally. It is so nice when solved.


Thank you, Patti.... I really like playing with these cubes... So you'll probably see a few more.... Glad you liked it.... :) :)


I love it! Thank you, Sally!