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Dolly Dingle's Cousin Bill

80 pieces
52 solves
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I'll have to go check it out in a bit. I've been looking at your red rooms, they're GREAT!! :))))
Love all your kitchen counter space too. Most homes just don't have nearly enough.


I posted a puzzle yesterday of the "artwork" that hangs over my lieu of a headboard. It's a paperdoll in a genuine art deco mirrored frame, Years ago when I lived in SF, a friend gave it to me as a housewarming gift. He managed FLAX Framing and this old damaged frame was in their basement. The paper doll is January from a large poster calendar by Betty Brader. Betty was the staff artist for Joseph Magnin, a 33-store chain of California/Nevada stores, and her ads were legendary.

Since you like both paper dolls and art deco I thought you'd get a kick out of it.


P.S. Just bookmarked this cute puzzle...have to go feed my dog!