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To celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day, buy a bag of your favourite tortilla chips (or try making your own) and enjoy them with your favourite dip!

Tortilla chips are the result of corn tortillas cut into wedges and then fried to perfection. Light, crunchy and just salty enough, they consist of simple ingredients: corn, vegetable oil, salt and water.

These favourite chips are the result of entrepreneurial mind Rebecca Webb Carranza. During the 1940s, she and her husband, who ran a Mexican delicatessen and tortilla factory in Los Angeles, decided to take misshapen tortillas and turn them into a profitable treat. Carranza cut the rejected tortillas into triangles and fried them up to sell for a dime a bag.

Tortilla chips soon became a nationwide sensation, served alongside salsa, chilli, guacamole, and a variety of other appetizers. In 2003, the state of Texas made the tortilla chip the official state snack!


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On the rare occasions that I eat tortilla chips, I get the organic ones and eat them like I would potato chips. If they weren't so darned fattening, I'd eat them every day. :-)


Thanks PJ - sorry I didn't give enough advance notification so your husband knew in time!!!


Thanks Ardy - I hope you haven't gained just by looking.... or there is no hope for me!!! :~)


Katie, that my favourite way to eat them... on very rare occasions! Thanks :~)


Thanks whatnauts, they wouldn't be a rare treat if you could have them all the time!!


Thanks for the info. Magda, that sounds wonderful. I used to have fondue parties where one of the fondues would be just hot oil and we would dip meats and vegetables into the oil to cook the meat at the table. We also did a cheese fondue.... and for dessert we would have fruit to dip in a butterscotch fondue and a chocolate fondue!!! I bit over the top.... but we and our friends loved it!!!


Wonderful. So fun and interesting, Mandy. I love Tortilla chips with guacamole and a little chilli - and we celebrated the day with - pizza. OK, hubby did not know "today's" special.


Looks wonderful, Mandy, but I can't indulge either. Chips of any kind are not in my house. But it all looks delicious and I've probably gained from just looking. LOL Thanks, Mandy. I am thoroughly enjoying your series and your research.


This is great Mandy! Now I know what to have for lunch today. I like to melt shredded cheddar cheese on my tortilla chips and eat with my favorite black bean and corn salsa. Delicious!


Yum, yum. I like tortilla chips with cheese salsa, but they are a rare treat for reasons already stated!!! LOL Thanks for another fun puzzle and history lesson :)))))


In Chinese Fondue, you make a soup with veg.,bamboo shoots and mushroom. Then you buy ready, verz thin slivers of meat, which are cooked right on the table, eaten dipped in sauces, with olives, fruit whatever. It is more a fun/family , friend meal.


I know what you mean, Jan - I can't open a bag and eat just a few!! Thanks :~)


This is a day I cannot celebrate.......just too salty and too ADDICTIVE! :D
Thanks Mandy, for your very enjoyable series!


Magda - I am intrigued... a "Chinese" fondue.... I've always thought a fondue was "Swiss"!!! Ask your son to bring a bag of Tortilla Chips... I'm sure they can be dipped into any fondue... except the chocolate one!! LOL :~)
PS - You're quite safe - it's a National Holiday in the US - I don't think the Tortilla Chip Police travel to Europe!!


Thanks octomom - I just know where to look!


Thanks Barb, I'm pleased you commented on the aspect where "failure" was turned into "success".


I have invited my son and his family for a Chinese Fondue today.I hope that is not forbidden on Tortilla chip day! But I did not know, until too late! Your fault Mandy.


Boy, you sure know how to find them, Mandy. Good job!


Ooh, another day celebrating food! LOL
Interesting to see how mistakes can turn into a very profitable enterprise with a little ingenuity.
Thanks, Mandy, for another Who Knew puzzle. :-)