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5 AM Moon Over Louisiana

12 pieces
90 solves
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Luke is growling at me right now so I had best feed him. I'm surely going to try the color-change later, thank Snooker!

Another thing of interest on the page with the speaker is that you can change the background color of a puzzle if you want. Sometimes a puzzle is white behind the picture and is hard to solve. Choose a dark color by clicking on it and then the puzzle is easier. Believe you will have to put it back to white again for the next puzzle. The puzzle below is an example of what I mean. Try to solve it as is and then change the background color and solve it. :)

Glad it worked, Mimi. :)


It worked fine Snooker. Thanks!


Thanks Snooker I'm going to try that right now!

I believe a way to turn the sound down on the puzzles is as follows: Start to solve a puzzle, hit the space bar once, you will see a little speaker icon on the page that comes up, click it once to turn it off, continue solving the puzzle. Believe the sound will then stay off when you do the next puzzle.


Thanks Hanne, and you are very welcome.


It's a perfect moon, Mimi!! Thanks so very much!!


I'm so glad you like the picture Elina. A foggy, cold morning does not sound like much fun! I'm happy I could provide you with a pretty moon! :)


A beautiful Moon, Mimi.
I was this morning at 5 hours out of bed. I had to work at 6 am.
It was foggy and cold. There was no moon to see:)


Well Punkin, you may be right, a bit ditzy at least. :)

Can't help it Tex, I just wake up and that's it. Oh well.....


I have nothing but admiration for you folks who get up at the crack of dawn. I was never one of those people, and if I did get up at that time, you wouldn't want to be around!! Thanks for a beautiful photo.


A very pretty shot....but are you OUT OF YOUR MIND GETTING UP SO EARLY?
Thanks. I feel better having shouted that! :)


You are very welcome Robbie and thanks for the compliment!


HOWLLLLLLL!!!! Cool shot Mimi, thanks.


Thanks for your reassurance Ank., and I'm glad I'm not the only early to bed person around.

Thank you too Shirley dear, there are many nice things about being an early riser!


Thanks Mimi for your 5 AM shot, I'm always an early riser, no matter what time I go to bed.


Hi Mimi, I do too. 10:00-10:30 PM and not later, else I'm nothing next day. 5:00AM is too early for me. But 6:00-6:30 is normal. And dear......, that has nothing todo with age. hug


Thanks Pat and Snooker, Ank and Patti - early is OK, I'm old and I go to bed early. Not ashamed to admit it! :)


Beautiful, Mimi! Almost looks like the sun!


A beautiful moon Mimi, but it's dark out there.

Very pretty, Mimi, but way too early for me. :)


Sounds like you get up early too Mini


Thanks Jcarroll I'll bet your picture was grand, post it please. Were you drinking coffee too?


Thanks BJ!

Well Jan, I was drinking coffee and taking pictures, what else! LOL


Nice picture, Mimi.
I, too, was up trying to take a picture of the moon. Yours came out better. What else are we going to do at 5 am? Sleep?


So gorgeous! But, what were you doing up at 5am? LOL


great shot of the moon.


Thanks Puzz and Chickie. I was pleased with the results too.


Beautiful moon mini.

puzzaddled is so bright and I can just imagine how beautiful framed against that tree. Thank you!


There have been so many lovely moon pictures lately, I though I'd give it a try.