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It's Christmas Day in New Zealand

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Hi Tampa Girl,
Brilliant thanks "God was in the House" and yours too most likely?

Hi Francine, I just rang Peter and Wendy a short while ago, they have left their home and gone to 'The Bay'. Where the family gather for 'high days and holidays' Amanda was home however. We have been a little concerned for her. In the Feb earthquake she was working at the church [she is a youth leader] she heard a voice telling her to get out, as she ran from the building as it came down behind her, she then walked in a daze through the center of the city, seeing everything on her way home. The voice by the way was the Pastor he felt the quake and knew she was in the building. If he had not called her she might not have survived, click on the team and you will see Amanda's sister Melanie is an Elder. We went down to Chch for Mel and Anthony's wedding and also Peter's 60th birthday. I might see if any pics I have will upload later.

My brother Peter and I are quite close, I was 6 when he was born. I have been eating some Welsh chocolate, sent by a friend from Newport YUmmm!
I've just put a few NZ bird pics on, I contact the site owner as she said yes so I'll put a few on from time to time.

Take care and stay well, both of you
Blessings from a still hot, but not so humid Paeroa. - Phyllis


Hope you had a good Christmas cily!


Yes, thank you, and hope that you did too.
Good for Anna.

How are the Christchurch people? Your brother and his family?


No yet, her paternal grandparents are there too, so they are very much in holiday mode, not work. But Carolyn was very pleased with it.Anna was on the trampoline, she just lays on it and makes it moves with her feet, and when her daddy went to get her, she rolled away from him, my goodness it's the first time we have seen that. She was having him on, till he beat her at her own game, little madam Ha!Ha! it was funny to watch and see her excitement.

Hope you have had a lovely Christmas Francine.


You're in the land of zzzzz right now. Hope you had a good day. Anna's bird bath installed?


Thanks you from New Zealand.
Merry Christmas, Sue, Snooker, Patsy Anne, Rose H and 0829.

Christmas Day is almost over here, it is very hot and quite humid, however we have had a great day. Started off with a service at our church, followed by christmas cake and coffee, the a drive to spend the day with our youngest daughter [Anna's mum] ate far to much:-)

I hope you all have super day
God bless you - Phyllis


Happy Christmas Phyllis. We've just started our Christmas day and I will get the dinner going soon. Hope you are having a lovely time with your family. All the best from the two of us.

Merry Christmas from S. Texas.

Merry Christmas from Okanagan Valley, B.C., Canada. Stay safe from those earthquakes please.


Merry Christmas from Vancouver Is. Canada


Merry Christmas to you, from Utah.