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Brangman's Fort Bermuda.

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Hi Colin, yes I noticed a lot of similar names in the Caribbean like ours, especially in the Bahamas. Thanks mate.


Y'know, one of the most entertaining features of all these unique places scattered throughout the Caribbean is the evocative nature of the name-places. Therein lies history!!!


Thanks PK, I enjoy remembering them and glad others enjoy them.


Robbie love your stories they are so great....


Thanks Morris, they sure were good times.

I am very lucky and I thank you for that Colin. In turn I am enjoying all that I see and read on this site, I have learnt so much!! Thanks to you and others for my enjoyment.

Thanks Celeste.

Yes Hanne, if boarding school hadn't interfered with my lifestyle I could probably be a .........BUM today!! Thanks.


Indeed your childhood and youth have been formidable - at least so it sounds!! What a playground for youngsters when they know what to do and not, and keep their eyes and minds open!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


So beautiful.. love the scenery


Aah, Robbie! Great pics and - even better - fascinating back-stories that you've shared with us all. You've lived there long enough to have developed a family (and personal) history that you've shared generously with us - not to mention all those scrumptious meals that have so often had us drooling!!! Thanks, mate, to you and to the inimitable Jenny. Yer a lucky man :)


What a place to grow up in! Fascinating Robbie - thanks.


To good times!!! Great story!!!


Cool Greg, I'll get some in the next couple of days, at least by the weekend.


That sounds exactly right Robbie.Thanks. Any pics of it by chance. I may have one. I will check.Greg


Hi bentleyd, yes we are known for the different colours of our water, thanks.
Greetings to you sladjana, slightly colder today for you I guess, thanks.
Hi divot, there is an Island down the road from us that sounds very much like yours. It is in Harrington Sound down by Devils Hole and is about 50 yards off the mainland. There is a steel cable running over to it now with a little ride-on thingy. The Island is lower on the roadside and slants up looking towards Flatts Inlet and there has always been a diving board there. It would have taken you about 15 minutes by car to get to Kindly Air Force Base. My granny and aunt both rented houses to US forces personnel and we still keep in touch with several of them. That must have been really cool for you having your own Island........until winter gales or hurricanes came!! We lived in Bailey's Bay back then, not far from here. Good to hear from you, thanks.
Yes PLG, we certainly had a carefree up-bringing and had a lot of fun. (Except school!) Thanks.
You're welcome Lela, thanks.
On the water treker!! A lot different than your skiing, I couldn't really get the hang of it. Thanks.
On the other Island!
Thanks matey Jacques.
Thank you too tanhse, I also enjoy reading about and looking at other places and cultures, thanks.


I see everyone enjoys life differently and I enjoy reading all of them. Thanks, Robbie.


verry beautiful mate


And where's the Bingo Hall?.....


All this water activety is great, but,...where do you ski? lol
Thanks Robbie


Thanks Robbie for the little day-trip!......


Thanks, Robbie. Such a different life in Bermuda! Fun to see and hear about it!


Hi Robbiel. In the late 50s my da was stationed on bermuda in tha air force. We lived on a one house island 50 yds from the shore with a teathered boat to get to shore.The island slanted front to back and there was a diving board off the back. We Had a blast. We later lived in somekind of big house like an ambassaders home or some such thing.


Beautiful photo.Greetings from snowy Pancevo


Very interesting story Robbie. The colour of the water is amazing.


This is an old British defence fort for the Island, but as far as we know only fired practice shots. In the foreground and to the left out of the picture I grew up diving with dad and friends for Conch shells and spearing the odd fish. To the right of the picture below the Island cliffs there are quite a few underwater shoals where we could spear lobsters and fish. We would also anchor here and catch Amberjacks, Bonitos and puppy sharks at night. Catching young sharks at full moon would guarantee lovely white livers and my mates and I would make up what we call shark hash. We would boil the white meat then wring dry in cheesecloth. The livers were fried in a pan and turned to liquid. We combined the meat and livers and mixed with chopped onion, hot peppers and lots of parsley salt and pepper and ate as is or some would mix mayo and serve on crackers. I may have mentioned this before, but we would cook outside over a cedar log fire. We would have a pot of fish chowder simmering, hash shark cooking and a big pot of molten lead to make fishing weights. Of course the odd bottle of rum, scotch and case of beer were handy and by 1 or 2 am the lead, chowder and shark were going in all the pots!! We never died from poisoning!! The large rock on the left has a hole bored into it close to the top. In summer the Bermuda Longtail or Tropic bird will nest and raise young ones in it. We have watched them every year since I can remember. They usually arrive in spring, raise the young all summer and take off the end of september or october down south and into the Sargasso Sea.