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Swirl with Propeller!

54 pieces
145 solves
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(for lack of a better title)


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Rosie - you ought to be a professional writer. You are so very creative!
Thanks so much ! :D)))


Very appropriate for a swirley to need the assistance of a propeller on a day with very little wind, don't you think? Smart swirley for asking for one and very wise of you for providing one. Thanks for being of great assistance to our precious swirley so that he/she survived the ride getting to the Jigidi page for us to revel in and solve. Rosie


PJ - I am so glad you liked it and that you had fun with it!!!! Thank you!

Thanks, JC! It's all about the fun!


It's a good title, Jan! Another fun puzzle! Thanks!


Oh Jan - thank you for posting this gloriously fun creation. Very happy solving time :-)))


A compass? Why didn't I think of that, Hanne! Thanks so much!


A marvellous compas! Where does it send you?? Thanks so very much Jan!!


Thanks, Ardy - I wish you'd found a better title, but I'm glad you tried. (and sometimes the pinking shears get away from me.....LOL) You're right.....this spot is for fun experiments!!

Pat, Thank you so very much! The radar screen or sonar screen had detected a defective propeller on this one! So glad you liked it!! :D


It does look like a propeller, or the sweep of that line that rotates around a sonar array in a submarine (sorry, have no idea what it's technically called!), or even the hands of a clock swirling time through the universe--but it's stunning, whatever you call it! :-)))


I've been trying to think of another title but think you've chosen a good one. Thanks, Jan. This is quite different from some of the others. The edging is very different too. Gives me the feeling that there was more to the picture on both sides that got sheared away.