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Orange decorations on Cedar tree.

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They are kind of mushy to the touch and dry up and disappear.


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AAAWWW! What a sweet thing to say! If you ever want to learn more about the flowers that we have been posting or see all of the others that they have just go to the site that we left with each and every one of them, also, this site offers the seeds and the plants already started for you in most all of the plants that they sell! Gary and I have had so much fun perusing this site! I think you'd really like it too!

Monica, I think it is a fungus of some kind. It gets kind of slimey as it ages and then dries up and falls off. Thank goodness it doesn't smell. I have been enjoying the exotic posies you have been posting. We seem to have the same idea of what is fantastic, but you know where to find them. :-) Some sites have seeds available in small amounts that are available, and some sold out, too. Great minds think alike.


Huh! You know what? I've been researching flowers especially the exotic kind, and I think that these look a lot like one of them that I might have seen! It could be a relative of the parrot's beak too! What do you think Angel?


Wow, I've never seen a fungi that looked like that before! It's so darn pretty and such a bright orange color! I would have guessed it to be some kind of fruit! Shows you what I know! L.O.L.

Glad you appreciate it, gnt.

Thanks for the info, pilley. It doesn't seem to hurt the tree, so I just look on it like the faeries are decorating for a special event and enjoy the display. I thought the cars and trucks were noisy, but you really need a sound barrier.

Thank you for dropping in annjax. I try to be safe, not sorry, but it does get dull sometimes. ;-)

I am glad you like it Jana. Beauty is all around us. You have a beautiful spirit and make many lives happier just by being yourself.


It's a so beautiful Angel, thank you :-)))


"Alice" got into a lot of trouble by trying stuff. Glad you didn't take the hint, Angelbender. :-) .........


This is a fungi, Gymnosporangium. I was curious so looked it up because we have lots of cedar/junipers and have never seen this on them. Learn something new everyday, wether I want to or not. We planted them along the railroad tracks behind our house to block the noise ~ 2 mile long sugarbeet trains in the middle of the night make quite a rumble.


strange good pic

Hi, tex. Thanks for stopping by. No, I don't do anything to them. The trees were tiny volunteers I put in front of the neighbors ugly fence and they have done their own thing. Maybe "Alice" is hinting I should try them and come visit in the secret room in my garden. But, maybe I wouldn't come back. :-0


That's just weird! Do you treat it with anything? Have you ever seen it anywhere else? I can't get over that. Maybe it's like some sort of mushrooms? Very odd.