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I loved how the texture of the tree came out in the photo. Not sure what kind of tree it is, though.


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That does have a really nice look to it :)
Great shot LJ


I haven't been able to play much, lately. I didn't see your comment until tonight, PG. It's a Canon SX40 HS. I have to admit that I drooled over the really fancy cameras at Creve Coeur Camera shop the other day.
Thanks, Jack. It's always nice to read your comments!


I am not sure about that LJ but tell me again what you have and I will look up the specs and let you know. It is always easy to move up but remember what you have is better then what the pros had thirty years ago.


beautiful picture Laura!


PG, does my camera have the ability to do all those things you were talking about? What do you want to bet that I will have to end up buying a new camera in the not-so-distant future?
Thank you, Ank. I suspect that not many people would appreciate a tree trunk...but I loved the pattern on it.


Love it.


If you look at what you have and blow it up on the screen you will see what it will look like if you get closer. If you can get even closer then that you will fill the camera view finder with tree and see how it looks. To get the background out of focus you have two choices put the camera on A for aperture priority and set the aperture to the smallest number on the dial or if you can't do that make the speed as fast as it will let you which will force the aperture to the widest opening it can get to.


Yikes! Okay...when I get back there, I will retake it and check out the difference. How do I get the background out of it?
Thank you, PG and morris and Robyn.


Nice shot Laura!


Blow this up on screen and see the difference. You may like it. Sorry I do not want to sound like a mean teacher so forgive me if I do.


Get closer. Reshoot this close as you can get and look at the difference. Get that annoying background out of the picture or set the camera on the largest f stop you have2.8 or 3.2 and reshoot it.


I like it tu, laura! I think that the tree may be a type of Ash.


Thank you, Tex. Happy New Year to you!


Very nice, LJ. I like the texture, too. Thanks.