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Stained Glass Mosaic.... (For A Much Smaller Window)...

36 pieces
144 solves
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Got it.... Thanks Sue.... :) :)


Josie posted a mosaic called "Purple Haze" The PFC would love it. This is the link.


I know what you mean Sue... so many things to do, so little time... And on top of that you have critters... The word 'bored' is not in our vocabularies.... As long as you're enjoying life, organization is not that important.... Hugs.... :) :)


Loved this one, Sally dearest. I have so little time it seems, have been busy subbing with school starting. Seems I seldom manage the time like I used to. Much less organized now, LOL 1:17


You are so welcome Jill... They are good fun to create too.... If you like 'em then its a good day for me.... Thanks good buddy..... :) :)


Oh, how I love the stained glass puzzles!! They are fun to solve with a great visual reward when completed. Thanks, dearest Sally!


Thanks mate, my size window too.... Filtering is so much fun... like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.... :) :)

Thank you Pat and Patti... I like your combo of Tiffany shade with light shining through... :) :)


I love this! Love the light in the middle!

Part of a Tiffany lamp shade - gorgeous.


Just my size window, fun to solve, very pretty colours, Thank you very much Sally. :) :)