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Orbs on Purple

36 pieces
290 solves
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You are very welcome, Magda. It has been way too long since I've posted the Orbs! They are popular and I should do more. I'm so glad you had fun with it, dear!


I had never seen your orb puzzles. But this is fun, a bit like the swirls, easy to solve, but not so easy as well. Thank you jill.


I really like that comment, Josie. These are very static, no motion at all. "Final" is a good description. I'm so glad you love these, my friend!


I was hoping you would see this one, Louise! I'm glad you think it is gorgeous. I shall be looking for your #1 spot on the leaderboard for the large one, dear one!! ... :-))))


Just love your orbs, they are kind of final.


Yes, yes, yes.... The Orbmeister's hasn't forgotten us... This is gorgeous, Good Buddy... Believe it or not, I've bookmarked the big one... Hope to get to it this afternoon or tomorrow... Hugs... :) :))))


Lol! I haven't heard "yipee ki yeah" in a long time, Jo! I'm glad you enjoyed it, my friend!


Aahh!! The orbs with the "inner glow" have reappeared!! Yipee ki yeah!! Thanks for the fun Jill!! :)


Lol! I hope they'll be visiting more frequently, Kirsten. I've been amazed at the number of solves... and look at you, #9 out of 247! Most excellent, my friend!


Yay!! I love your orbs, Jill! Thanks for bringing them back for a little visit. :)))


Lol, Libby! You certainly know how to make a puzzle maker feel good! Thanks, my dear!


Aaahhhhh, the Orbmeister returns!!! ;-)))


Ah yes, Edie! I do remember that! It must have been so high tech they can't figure out how to do it anymore, lol! You are welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed ed the solve, my friend!


Lovely bouncing balls Jill. Remember the days when you followed the bouncing ball sover the lyrics of a song and sang along on the TV. Boy was that high tech or what. lol. Thanks, fun to solve :-)))


Very happy to make you cheer, Barb!! It has been a while since I posted Orbs, so I appreciate the warm reception, my friend! Glad you love them!


Could you hear me cheering, Jill? I love your orb puzzles. Such a treat to solve, thank you so much. :-)