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Sparrow in our Privet Hedge

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He (or she) is definitely much cuter than the buzzards!


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Thanks Monica, My weekend is starting off great. Our daughters are picking me up to take me grocery shopping in the city. I only shop once a month as the grocery stores here in our valley are too pricey. The city is about 35 miles away but it's worth it to pay less for groceries ~ plus the girls & I have great fun together! That's so neat about the Firestone dealer giving you the tire, & neat that they want pics of your project. If you show them pics, maybe they'll give you more free tires! You could probably get a free tractor or large truck tire from a farm & garden type of store, or better yet a repair shop. Our tractor tire was here when we moved in, standing upright & partly buried in the dirt. Hubby moved it years ago & leaned it against the wood shed, out of the way of his mowing the grass. All that time I've been saying I move it to where it is now & plant some sunflowers in it. Needless to say I'm very happy it's finally where I wanted it! I suppose the deer will eat sunflowers if we plant them, but maybe I'll buy more netting & that might keep them away ~ yeah, right, LOL! Hubby just had the idea to plant some marigolds in the tractor tire, then put a few sunflowers in the center. Deer don't like the smell of marigolds, so that may be just what we need, at least I hope so! You have a wonderful weekend too, dear friend! xxx


Hello Gina, hope your weekend is starting great. We still have a lot of gardening today to do, hopefully it won't be too hot outside. I went to a place called Firestone tires and they gave me a tire for free when I told him what I was going to do with it. And now he wants me to bring in a picture of it when it's finished. I'm going to paint the tire purple and then plant a bunch of different color flowers inside of it. When that one is done I'll do another one and then maybe another one. hee hee All different colors of course. I'm so happy to hear about you losing weight. 50 pounds is an awful lot plus 30 to go. You go girl, you go! :) I love all manner of berries so when I read your post my mouth started salivating! haha My favorite pie is boysenberry. Yummy! Now I'm hungry and it's too late in the night to eat. Having a real hard time sleeping at night lately. Wow, a huge tractor tire, you'll be able to plant all kinds of neat stuff in that one. Where did you get a tractor tire at? I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those. I hope and pray that your fence keeps away the deer and the birds, it sounds like it will. That's a great idea!


Thanks Monica, so do we. Yes, there are so many things that I wish I could help Hubby do around the place, but I have osteoarthritis in most of my joints & can't do much right now. I'm losing weight to have my left hip replaced. I've lost 50 pounds & have 30 more to go. Then hopefully I can walk better & help Hubby at least a bit more. To keep the birds away from our strawberries we have some netting over them, but none on the raspberries yet. This is their first year, so we probably won't get many berries til next year. We've only gotten a couple which I put in a baggie in the freezer, & one with a couple dozen strawberries so far too. I planted some sunflowers in an old tire at one corner of the garden, just outside the fence, & the deer munched a few one day, then came back a couple days ago & ate the rest! We're going to plant more in a huge tractor tire we just moved near the driveway iris bed. It's near the wood shed & garage, so I doubt the deer will get them, but you never know. Just have to wait & see...


Hi there Gina, gosh I'm so sorry to hear about the deer and birds eating up all of your hard work out in the gardens! It's a good thing your putting up a fence but what about the birds? How will you keep them away from all of your goodies? I too, am disabled and have been for almost 17 years now. So, I know that must be so very frustrating for you to not be able to get out there and help build this giant fence of yours. I love Raspberries and strawberries, so I'd be very mad if something else ate them all up before I had a chance to get to them first. What your doing with the fence and then the wooden pallets and T-post's is a great idea. Good luck my friend, I hope this takes care of all of your problems. Big hugs, Monica


Thank you, dear Sparkles!
Monica, we have several flower beds in our front & back yards, & a produce garden that we're re-starting this year using a "no till" method. So far the deer & birds have eaten just about everything we've ever planted in 13 years of living here, but now we're building a fence around the garden that will be 7 or 8 feet high, hoping that will keep our produce safe. We're using recycled wooden pallets & "T-posts", the kind used to support chain link fencing. It isn't finished yet, but hopefully will be soon. Since our main focus right now is on building the fence, this year we only planted strawberries, peas, squash & radishes, & we were also recently given a raspberry bush which we also planted in the garden. If all goes well this year, next year we should be planting a lot more. From my computer I look out our dining room window & see most of the birdie "action" that I post on here. Since I'm disabled this is the best way for me to view them. We are also frequently visited by deer, & I've posted some pics of them also. Birdie Hugs, Gina


AWE, what a little cutie pie. I love going out into our gardens in the morning and sitting on one of our gliders and listening to the birds singing. They sound so very happy, since we put in all of our gardens. Big hugs, Monica.


great puzzle and a lovely pic xxx tweets and chirps


Thank You Jaja48, I felt like it was looking in the window at me, just the same as I was watching it. So cute!


I agree, it really is.


Thank you Janet, he was playing "peek-a-boo" with me, & was so cute I just had to get a picture. I'm glad you enjoyed it! ((Hugs))


Very cute thanks Gina, and hugs to you.

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