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Surreal_Heidi;;;;;So glad you prevailed. Similar happenings here.


#1 Yep, you've got split ends all right.
#2 Oh no!


That's the reason I was in North Carolina, Jiggy. I hope I don't have to rush out there to right any more wrongs any time soon. We're about to start calving season.


I have no idea what you are talking about. But, it sounds like there were wonderful results! A victory against wrongly accused is ALWAYS a great thing. Thanks, Heidi!


(( In case anyone's curious, I'm back. We were able to prove that Social Services was making up charges of neglect and abuse against my young friend and Social Services had no option but to publicly withdraw all charges against her. The judge, lawyers and other social workers saw that the baby is happy, healthy and VERY well cared for, as well as loved by both her parents. The Sheriff's department has told them to leave my friend alone. I was shocked when I saw, in writing, Social Services' claim that they had the right to confiscate their baby because they weren't married! My god! This is the United States in the year 2013!!!!))


Hilarious captions - ALL! Thanks so much!!!


On man, this tooth is really killing me - of course it's Sunday, no dentist available. NO, don't touch it! Just bring me some more aspirin...


Blow in my ear and I'll follow you anywhere.


Well, Doctor, have you ever seen anything like it?


a little more to the left


Down the beauty salon it's going to be a long job as Suzi decides to have her eyebrows threaded.


I'm sure it does hurt, but I'm not the one who fell asleep chewing bubblegum again...after having been repeatedly told!!!

"Nope, can't see any brain."


Oh, baby....yes, yes!


Round ball-ee round ball-ee, pull a little hair...
One step, two step, tickle under there...

(I don't know if that's just an American child's interactive-play rhyme, or if it's more universal, like the itsy-bitsy spider, or this little piggie went to market.....).


Home, Home On the Range.


Quit yelling! I haven't even started yet!